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Lean Six Sigma

Improve Quality, Cut Costs and Increase Speed with Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma

With Enhanced Classroom Experience!

Boost your success by getting Lean! In the world of Lean thinking, your primary goal is to operate more efficiently by eliminating not only defects in products and services, but other forms of waste: inventory, processing, waiting, motion, transportation and overproduction. 

Lean Six Sigma techniques help professionals in both service and manufacturing industries. With no prerequisites, you can begin Lean Six Sigma during the next session.

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Lean Six Sigma

This course is part of a Certificate Program


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Villanova University Presents the Online Learning Experience – Reimagined!

Imagine an online classroom that takes you inside successful organizations, surrounds you with top Six Sigma experts and puts innovative learning tools at your fingertips. As a recognized leader in Six Sigma education online, Villanova University is dedicated to providing the most dynamic and engaging programs available, as our enhanced online experience demonstrates:

  • Onsite interviews with business leaders provide real-world insight on how to build stronger organizations using Six Sigma
  • Advanced animations allow you to gain a full grasp of course topics
  • Videos of industry experts offer easy-to-understand guidance
  • Lightboards and other interactive learning tools provide compelling and unique presentation formats

What You’ll Study

Lean Six Sigma Overview

  • What is Lean?
  • Lean Principles
  • Value and Waste
  • Lean vs Six Sigma
  • Prominent Figures of Lean


  • Philosophy of Continual Improvement
  • Lean Implementation Approaches
  • First Wave Project Selection
  • Chartering Projects
  • Lean project Roles and Responsibilities


  • Forming Teams
  • Idea Generation Tools
  • Group Decision Making
  • The 7M Tools

Value and Value Stream Mapping

  • Identifying Customer Needs and Requirements
  • Specifying Value and Value Add
  • The Eight Wastes In-depth
  • Gemba and Waste Walks
  • Value Stream Mapping for Service and Manufacturing

Flow, Pull, and Perfection

  • Spaghetti Mapping
  • Quick Changeovers (SMED)
  • Cellular Design
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Pull Systems and Just-In-Time Concepts
  • Scheduling Pull Systems
  • Kanbans and Visual Signaling
  • Establishing a Visual Workplace
  • Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Poka Yoke
  • 5S/6S in Service and Manufacturing
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Standard Work

Kaizen Events

  • Kaizen Event Overview
  • Kaizen Philosophy
  • Preparing Teams for Kaizen Events
  • Kaizen Events Day by Day
  • Individual, Point, and Process Kaizen
  • Manufacturing, Service, and IT Considerations

Lean Deployment

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Planning for Lean Implementation
  • Lean Deployment
  • Hoshin Planning
  • Barriers to Success
  • The Benefits of Six Sigma Tools
  • Structuring Lean

Who Should Register?

This eight-week course is ideal for managers and professionals in any type of industry who want to transform their organization into a leaner, more efficient business. Those with little or no prior experience with Lean Six Sigma will learn to understand, interpret, and use the core concepts of Lean methodologies to make better business decisions. Gain valuable skills that can be used immediately to analyze unit or company performance.

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