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Six Sigma Certification Requirements

Six Sigma Certification Requirements

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Last Updated April 8, 2024

Now you can earn industry-recognized certifications through a worldwide leader in Six Sigma online education – Villanova University! Earning your Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Sensei, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt or Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification validates your commitment to quality, and may help increase your earning potential, as well as provide you with a competitive advantage in the workplace.

Villanova Certification Requirements

Certification tests are administered by Villanova University upon your successful completion of the online program. This certification is available only to students who have completed the Villanova University online program. The timed exam is administered online, with questions randomly selected.

Course Qualifications Exam Fees Initial/Retake Exam Questions/Hours
Green Belt (CSSGB)
Complete course materials and unit exams
$300/$150 100/4
Lean Sensei (CLSSS)
Complete course materials and unit exams
$300/$150 100/4
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (CLSSBB)
Complete course materials, unit exams and required simulated course project
$400/$150 100/4
Master Black Belt (CLSSMBB)
Complete course materials, unit exams and required course project
$400/$150 50/2

Six Sigma Certification Exam

In order to best prepare for the exam, please note the following exam expectations:*

  • Spend at least 200 hours preparing for the exam even if you already have some background in Six Sigma.
  • Once you begin your certification exam, you cannot pause or restart the examination clock. The questions are selected randomly from a bank of questions.
  • You must have a passing score of seventy (70) or better. Your score will be posted upon completion of the exam.

*Select courses that have an associated optional certification exam post their completion. Certification is awarded upon passing the exam which must be taken within twelve months of completing the associated course. The Master Black Belt certification exam must be taken within six months of completing the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt course. Students who do not pass the exam are permitted to retake it two times at the retake fee (maximum of three failures). If a student fails the exam three times, they will be required to retake the requisite course at the full tuition rate prior to retaking the exam. Students who do not attempt the certification exam within one year (six months for Master Black Belt) of taking the course will be required to retake the requisite course prior to sitting for the exam.

Six Sigma Recertification

Recertification is required every three years to ensure that students maintain the same level of knowledge demonstrated on their first exam. Students can become recertified by taking two of Villanova’s approved courses toward recertification. A $100 recertification fee will apply. Visit the Recertification page for more information.