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Explore the perspectives, strategies, and best practices in these in-demand career paths; Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, Business Process Management, Agile Contract Management, Information Security Management, Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, Human Resources, and Leadership.


Essentials of Business Process Management

This eight-week business process management training course focuses on the overall benefits of BPM within an enterprise, and the key business and technology drivers needed for overall proper alignment with essential business objectives.

Mastering Process Methodology & Solutions

The second course in the Villanova University Business Process Management 3-course track, Mastering Process Methodology & Solutions, focuses on the 6 phases of BPM methodology: assessment, design, modeling, implementation, monitoring and modification.

Advanced Process Strategy & Practices

Empower yourself with the best practices, strategies, knowledge and credentials by completing the capstone course in the Villanova University Business Process Management Certificate program.

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