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Six Sigma in Government

Six Sigma in Government

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Last Updated January 6, 2012

While numerous articles and case studies have documented the powerful impact of Six Sigma principles on the business world, Six Sigma government implementations have received less publicity. However, that doesn’t mean that government agencies are strangers to the Six Sigma methodology. In fact, many different government entities have used Six Sigma principles to achieve very impressive results. For professionals trained and certified in Lean Six Sigma, government agencies offer a wealth of rewarding career opportunities.

Who Uses Six Sigma?

Through the use of Lean Six Sigma, government agencies have been able to streamline their processes and achieve a dramatic reduction in costs. As an example, one government medical facility was able to cut the cycle time for staff to receive their credentials. For physicians, the credentialing process was reduced from an average of 38 days to 27 days, while the process for registered nurses decreased from an average of 38 days to just 20 days. By implementing continuous process improvements and Lean Six Sigma, the government facility saved an estimated $789,000 annually – and it anticipates that rolling out the new processes to the entire medical system will result in approximately $114 million in savings.

Another successful Lean Six Sigma government application enabled personnel to obtain new or additional security clearances much faster. The months-long process was frustrating for employees and hampered productivity. By applying Lean Six Sigma principles to the process, the wait time for security clearances was reduced by more than 70% – resulting in a substantial improvement in productivity, and making it easier for the agency to control costs and scheduling.*

Why Lean Six Sigma Works for Government

These are just a few examples of Lean Six Sigma government success stories. Lean Six Sigma implementations have already saved tremendous amounts of time and money for government agencies, and will continue to generate improved productivity, efficiency and savings as they become more widespread. By minimizing waste and inefficiencies and enabling workers to achieve near-perfect quality, Lean Six Sigma government applications can help local, state and federal agencies attain the type of results long enjoyed by corporations.

The core concepts and strategies of Six Sigma are just as relevant to government practices as they are to manufacturing or production in the private sector. In the past, government agencies have been prone to developing overly complex and inefficient processes, making Lean Six Sigma an even more powerful tool in this arena. However, to fully optimize Lean Six Sigma in government applications, practitioners should have formal training and certification in this highly specialized field.

Government Employees Can Obtain Six Sigma Training and Certification 100% Online

Because of the incredible potential for Lean Six Sigma government applications, individuals with Six Sigma training and certification generally have better chances at landing government jobs. For those already employed by the government, many agencies offer support to employees who wish to obtain Lean Six Sigma training and certification. As a recognized leader in Six Sigma education, Villanova University makes it possible for working professionals to obtain Six Sigma training and certification 100% online.

Villanova’s online certificate courses cover critical topics in Lean Six Sigma and prepare students to earn Green Belt, Lean Sensei and Lean Black Belt certifications. In fact, Villanova offers the only industry-recognized certifications available 100% online. Professionals who complete the entire three-course series will earn a Certificate in Six Sigma. Those with previous training or experience in Six Sigma practices can earn a Certificate in Lean Six Sigma.

Through Villanova’s unique, video-based e-learning platform, professionals can communicate with and gain valuable insights from noted experts in the field of Lean Six Sigma. Lectures are available 24/7 via streaming video so students can learn anytime and anywhere. Upon completion of each course and certificate program, participants will earn a certificate of achievement from Villanova.

By earning a Certificate in Lean Six Sigma, government employees will develop the skills and knowledge to successfully implement Lean Six Sigma initiatives – and they’ll have the credentials to prove it.