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Master Certificate in Six Sigma

Master Six Sigma and Take Charge of Your Future!

Master Certificate in Six Sigma

With Newly Enhanced Classroom Experience!

Learn to improve processes and enhance results, while gaining valuable skills and credentials that can be applied immediately on the job. Combining the valuable techniques of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing into one comprehensive non-degree program, the Master Certificate in Six Sigma can help you produce extraordinary results for your organization. This program also leads to industry-recognized Six Sigma certification from Villanova University.

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Master Certificate in Six Sigma

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Villanova University Presents the Online Learning Experience – Reimagined!

Imagine an online classroom that takes you inside successful organizations, surrounds you with top Six Sigma experts and puts innovative learning tools at your fingertips. As the recognized leader in Six Sigma education online, Villanova University is dedicated to providing the most dynamic and engaging programs available, as our newly enhanced online experience demonstrates:

  • Onsite interviews with business leaders provide real-world insight on how to build stronger organizations using Six Sigma
  • Advanced animations allow you to gain a full grasp of course topics
  • Videos of industry experts offer easy-to-understand guidance
  • Lightboards and other interactive learning tools provide compelling and unique presentation formats 

Reduce Waste and Maximize Savings

A data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects, Six Sigma is successful in large and small enterprises ranging from manufacturing to service delivery. General Electric saved $10 billion during its first five years of Six Sigma implementation alone. Lean Six Sigma, with its origins in the teachings of Total Quality Management (TQM), stresses the elimination of product defects and seven other forms of waste.

Who Should Register?

The program is the perfect fit for business professionals who want to reduce waste and save money. Nothing distinguishes you from your peers and impresses your superiors like the ability to strengthen your company’s bottom line.