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Maximizing IS/IT Team Effectiveness

Encourage Your Team with Project Management People Skills

Maximizing IS/IT Team Effectiveness

Traditionally, more emphasis is placed on the skills associated with the business or technical side of project management, but it's often more difficult to master people skills. Maximizing IS/IT Team Effectiveness teaches you how to assess and manage yourself first.

In subsequent modules, you'll learn about managing others in one-on-one settings, managing your team, and managing your stakeholders. You'll also learn to use practical and flexible tools and techniques that will improve your people skills and make you a more effective IT project manager or IT team member.

Maximizing IS/IT Team Effectiveness

This course is part of a Master Certificate Program

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What You’ll Study

The IS/IT Project Manager

  • Measuring Collaboration
  • Defining the Project Manager Leadership Role on Decision Makers and Influencers
  • Influencing Key Stakeholders to Build Collaboration
  • Developing and Executing Personal Strengths and Weakness Assessments
  • Demonstrating Authenticity Through Behavioral Alignment with Values and Vision
  • Learning to Prioritize and Manage Time Well
  • Participating Fully as an Active Team Member

Team Collaboration

  • Setting Performance Standards
  • Managing the Team Maturity Life Cycle
  • Prioritizing and Allocating Resources
  • Creating and Defining Systems and Processes to Translate Vision Into Action for a Team
  • Maintaining an Effective, Interactive and Productive Team Culture
  • Balancing Established Standards with the Need for Exceptions In Decision Making
  • Communicating and Collaborating with Virtual Teams


  • Demonstrating Empathy and Understanding in All Situations
  • Building Trust in a Team Environment
  • Adapting to Each Individual
  • Clearly Articulating Intention in Verbal and Written Communications
  • Managing Communication Flow
  • Motivating Employees
  • Task Delegation with Awareness of Employee Development Opportunities

Managing Outside Stakeholders

  • Communicating Risk Versus Reward
  • Gathering and Clarifying Customer Needs and Expectations
  • Managing Budget and Progress
  • Influencing Others Through Formal Presentation Skills
  • Operating With an Awareness of Marketplace Competition
  • Gaining and Maintaining Buy-In from Sponsors and Customers
  • Managing Stakeholder Transition and Transformation

Credit & Tuition

ACE credit recommendation 3 semester hours. Register today and earn 45 PDUs, 4.5 CEUs for $2,095.

Who Should Register?

Maximizing IS/IT Team Effectiveness is essential for any IS/IT middle or upper management professional, technology project managers aspiring to team management positions or IT professionals who participate on a team.