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Six Sigma

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Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

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This Course is part of a Master Certificate Program.
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Inspire and Lead Like a Master

Master the skills you need to mentor Black Belt leaders with 100% online training from acclaimed Villanova! Our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt course – a foundational part of the Advanced Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma program – will take you to the pinnacle of Six Sigma expertise.

Who Should Register?

All individuals with Black Belt training who are looking to cement their leadership and Lean Six Sigma skills, and who wish to create a positive impact on their organization and their own careers. Those who need to meet re-certification requirements for Villanova’s Black Belt certification should also register. Don’t wait – the next 12-week session begins soon!

What You’ll Study



  • Calculating the Cost of Poor Quality
  • Project Identification and Prioritization
  • Change Management Leadership Skills
  • Organizational Structures for Deployment of Six Sigma
  • Competitive Intelligence and Industry Benchmarks
  • Transitioning Goals/Objectives into Actionable Projects
  • Overcoming Organizational Resistance
  • Using Financial Measures to Analyze Performance

Design for Six Sigma 

  • Pilot Testing New Products/Services
  • Advanced FMEA
  • DFSS – Overview of DMADV and DMADOV
  • DMADV – Define Phase
  • DMADV – Measure Phase
  • DMADV – Analyze Phase
  • DMADV – Design Phase
  • DMADV – Verify Phase

Optimizing Process Efficiency  

  • Applied Value Stream Mapping
  • Kaizen
  • Applied TRIZ
  • Advanced Identification of Capacity Constraints
  • The Basics of Theory of Constraints


  • Force Field Analysis
  • Multivariate Control Charts
  • GAP Analysis
  • Statistical Normality Tests
  • Control Charting Continuous Data
  • Advanced Interpretation of Control Charts
  • Developing a Process Control Plan

Advanced Inferential Statistics

  • Hypothesis Testing for Proportions
  • Multiple Regression
  • Review of Other Advanced Distributions
  • Confidence Intervals and Point Interval Estimates
  • Mann-Whitney Test
  • Mood's Median Test

Design of Experiments

  • Design of Experiments Setup
  • KPIV and KPOV
  • Selecting the Optimal Design
  • Design of Experiments Strategy
  • Screening Designs
  • Fold-Over Design
  • Response Surface Methods
  • Mixture Designs
  • Nested Designs and Difficult to Change Variables
  • Attribute Gage Study and Kappa Statistic
  • Sampling Strategies
  • Use of Replication to Estimate Error
  • DOEs with Two or More Response Variables
  • Developing Optimal Project Metrics
  • Data Mining

Minitab Application 

  • Minitab Statistics
  • Minitab Control Charts for Variables and Attributes
  • Minitab Quality Tools
  • Minitab Graphs
  • Minitab Project Application

Training, Coaching and Development

  • Resource Allocation – Managing Black Belts
  • Decision Making Solutions – Evaluating Alternatives
  • Employee Empowerment and Motivation Techniques
  • Rewards and Recognition

Customers and Suppliers

  • House of Quality
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Supplier QA and Performance
  • Cultural Issues in Cross-Cultural Deployments of LSS

Industry Leadership and Professionalism

  • Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program
  • ISO 9001
  • The Shingo Prize Model
  • Advanced Presentation Skills
  • Career Path for MBBs Within the Organization
  • Developing and Utilizing a Professional Network


Credit & Tuition

ACE credit recommendation 6 semester hours. Register today and earn 75 PDUs, 7.5 CEUs for $3,495.

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Register Online
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This Course is part of a Master Certificate Program.
Click here to learn more and SAVE!