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Six Sigma

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Improve Quality and Profitability!

Learn from a world leader in Six Sigma education online!

As an improvement methodology that reduces product waste or service failure rates to near perfection, Six Sigma utilizes a disciplined, data-driven approach. Six Sigma practitioners use data to monitor, control, and improve operational performance by eliminating and preventing defects in products and associated processes, including management, service delivery, design, production and customer satisfaction. Lean Six Sigma helps you eliminate not only product defects, but six other forms of waste.

Master Certificate in Six Sigma

Learn to improve processes and enhance results, while gaining valuable skills and credentials that can be applied immediately on the job. Combining the valuable techniques of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing into one comprehensive non-degree program, the Master Certificate in Six Sigma helps professionals produce extraordinary results for their organizations.

Master Certificate in Six Sigma-Healthcare

Six Sigma utilizes a disciplined, data driven mangerial approach that works to eliminate waster and ineffciencies, and enchance your healthcare organization's bottom line. You'll also understand how to apply essential Six Sigma tools and techiques to a healtcare setting - valuable knowledge that you can apply immediately on the job.

Master Certificate in Lean Enterprise Solutions

Reap the benefits of a Six Sigma program that offers the flexibility to select a course that is most relevant to your professional responsibilities and enables you to earn a three-course master certificate in less time!

Advanced Master Certificate in Six Sigma

Once you’ve earned a Master Certificate in Six Sigma, expand your influence and organizational impact by earning an Advanced Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma. These in-demand credentials will empower you with the skills and techniques to manage, mentor and inspire all Six Sigma Black Belts in your organization.