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It’s Easy to Obtain Financial Aid for Grad School.
And We Can Help You Get It.

Villanova University believes there should be no barriers to a quality education, so don't let finances hinder your goals. Villanova is dedicated to helping all students achieve their higher education objectives.

Discover how you can earn your degree online – and pay for your education with financial aid. Your Villanova University program representative will work with you to identify the best finance option(s) for your unique situation.

Contact a program representative today at 866-220-0017 (toll free) to learn more about financial aid for graduate students. Or, download a free Financial Aid Guide, which explains how to apply for federal loans and grants.

Graduate Student Financial Aid

Did You Know?

  1. As a graduate student, you may be eligible for federal loans that provide up to $20,500 per year toward your degree.
  2. Most graduate-level financial aid applicants qualify to receive student loans.
  3. Federal financial aid often covers all academic expenses for graduate students.

Tuition and Fees

With the convenience of online learning and the flexibility of multiple financing options, it’s never been easier to earn your graduate degree. Tuition for the degree programs are as follows:

  • Master of Public Administration online – $900 per credit hour
  • Master of Science in Human Resource Development online – $995 per credit hour

Please note that a one-time, non-refundable $85 application fee is required. Books and materials are billed separately, and are not included in the tuition rate. Your tuition payments may be tax deductible; your tax advisor can provide further information.

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