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Business Intelligence

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Earn Villanova's new Master Certificate in Business Intelligence by completing three courses: Essentials of Business Intelligence, Mastering Data Management and Technology, and Advanced Data Architecture and Intelligence.

Achieving this prestigious credential demonstrates comprehensive training in key concepts used by business professionals in IT, marketing and other leadership roles to maximize efficiencies, identify opportunities and make informed strategic decisions that can transform an organization’s future.

Who Should Register?

Villanova’s Master Certificate in Business Intelligence can benefit anyone involved in analyzing data to make business decisions, including IT professionals, project managers, business analysts, and marketing analysts and researchers. The courses will help them identify data securing methods, align BI initiatives with strategic goals, model and analyze data for strategic decision making, and leverage productive analytical techniques that drive better risk assessments and business potential.

Get Certified!

Upon completion of the 3-course master certificate program, which includes a project and final exam, you’ll be recognized as a Certified Professional in Business Intelligence (CPBI). Your certification will validate your business intelligence knowledge, helping establish you as an expert who can avert disaster, achieve success and advance the goals of any organization.