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Six Sigma Certification Requirements

Green Belt, Lean Black Belt & Lean Six Sigma Certifications

By Bisk
Online Six Sigma Certifications

Now you can earn industry-recognized certifications through the worldwide leader in Six Sigma online education - Villanova University! You'll enjoy instant recognition, credibility and respect for your new credentials, which are the only Six Sigma certifications offered online. Plus you'll get immediate pass/fail results after the exam. Earning your Green Belt, Lean Sensei, and Lean Black Belt Certification validates your commitment to quality, increases your earning potential, and offers you a competitive advantage in the workplace.

Villanova Certification Requirements

Certification tests are administered by Villanova University upon your successful completion of the online program. This certification is available only to students who have completed the Villanova University online program. The timed four-hour test is administered online, with questions randomly selected.

Course Exam Fees Exam Info
Qualifications Initial Re-take Questions Hrs
Green Belt (CSSGB)
Complete course materials and unit exams $220 $125 100 4
Lean Sensei (CLSSS)
Complete course materials and unit exams $220 $125 100 4
Lean Black Belt (CLSSBB)
Complete course materials and unit exams

Complete required Lean Black Belt simulated course project
$370 $200 150 4

Certification Exam

In order to best prepare for the exam, please note the following exam expectations:

  • Spend at least 200 hours preparing for the exam even if you already have some background in Six Sigma.
  • You have eight (8) weeks in which to take the certification examination. You can decide during that time when to begin.
  • You will have four (4) hours to complete the examination once you begin, and you cannot pause or restart the examination clock. The questions are selected randomly from a bank of questions.
  • You may take the exam only once.
  • You must have a passing score of seventy (70) or better. Your score will be posted upon completion of the exam.
  • You will receive a certificate in the mail six to eight weeks after the end of the two-month term signifying your certification in Green Belt, Lean Sensei or Lean Black Belt, as it applies.
  • Students who do not take the exam in the eight-week term period or those who do not pass it may re-take the exam at the re-take fee rate listed in the above chart.


Re-certification is required every three years to ensure that students maintain the same level of knowledge demonstrated on their first exam. Students can become re-certified when they earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by taking any two of the Villanova courses listed below. A minimum of nine CEUs is required, and a $50 re-certification fee will apply.


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