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Lean Six Sigma Certification

By Bisk
Lean Six Sigma Certification

Having employees with Lean Six Sigma certification is crucial to all businesses that want to achieve optimal profitability and efficiency. According to George Eckes, noted author and head of high-profile Lean Six Sigma training and consulting firm Eckes & Associates, Inc., Lean Six Sigma certification is also indispensable to Six Sigma practitioners who want to advance in their career. “Six Sigma certification validates your commitment to quality, increases your earning potential, and offers you a competitive advantage in the workplace,” Eckes said.

At least one prominent industry publication shows that earning potential is significant. An article called “Six Sigma Certification” that ran in iSixSigma Magazine reported that 29% of Lean Six Sigma Black Belts enjoyed advancement within one year of certification. Additionally, certified Six Sigma Black Belts take home about $38,000 more annually than their uncertified colleagues, as stated by theiSixSigma Global Salary Survey

The required training for Lean Six Sigma certification is offered by many institutions and consultants at seminars, on-site sessions and through online programs. Among these providers, renowned Villanova University is the sole source of 100% online Lean Six Sigma certifications such as Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Certified Lean Six Sigma Sensei. The Villanova online program also confers a certificate to every participant for each course they complete, giving them more credentials to add to their resume.

By training 100% online, students enjoy a number of distinct benefits, including the convenience of a flexible learning schedule and the elimination of commuting costs. Students are able to sign in to the online classroom whenever it suits them, around the clock, anywhere they have access to the Internet. Villanova University’s online Lean Six Sigma training program uses technology including streaming video, two-way voice over Internet and electronic whiteboards to provide this convenience. 

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