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RN to BSN Online – Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program Curriculum

The RN to BSN Undergraduate Program (60 Credits):

Course Number Course Title Credits
NUR 3000

Foundations in Nursing and Health 

Clinical Decision Making Assessment (CDMA)*



NUR 3007 Health Assessment  3
NTR 2120 Principles of Nutrition  3
NUR 2810 Research and Scientific Evidence in Nursing Practice  3
NUR 3122 Imperatives for Global and Public Health  3
NUR 4112 Health Promotion and Home Health in the Community 3
NUR 4113 Practicum in Health Promotion and Home Health in the Community** 5
NUR 4116 Leadership and Management in Health Care  2
NUR 4117 Field Work in Leadership and Management in Health Care  3
NUR 4114 Nursing and Health Policy  2
NUR 4118 Cultural Influences on Health Beliefs and Practices  3
THL 1500 Spirituality and the Healing Arts  3
PHI 2115 Ethics for Health Care Professionals  3
MAT 1250 Statistics in Health Care Research  3
SOC 1500 Social Problems  3
PSY 2700 Industrial and Organizational Psychology  3
Total: 60

Note: All courses are subject to change.

* The per credit hour fee does not apply to the CDMA. Successful completion of the assessment will grant 12 credit hours for a flat fee of $600, due prior to completion.  
** This course is broken down into two 8 week terms.
     Students must first take NUR4113-101 and immediately take NUR4113-201 in the following term.