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Certificate in Organizational Leadership

Master Tactics of Organizational Leadership

Certificate in Organizational Leadership

This three-course, organizational leadership non-degree certificate program teaches key strategies you can use daily in any corporate environment, including fiscal responsibility, employee communication and leadership principles.

Military clock hours: 338.4-360.8

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Earning Villanova University’s Certificate in Organizational Leadership online will help you become a highly productive, organized and outstanding leader within your organization.

Perfect for anyone seeking tactical management and organizational skills, the Certificate in Organizational Leadership program promotes personal confidence, professional integrity and management techniques used by the country’s top business leaders.

Certificate students are presented with strategies commonly used daily in the corporate environment including fiscal planning, philosophy and ethics, employee communication and individual development.

Take Three 8-week Classes and Complete Your Certificate

In order to receive a Certificate in Organizational Leadership, working professionals must complete three courses — Strategic Organizational Leadership, Maximizing Team Effectiveness and one additional Villanova professional education online elective (see below).

Earning a certificate demonstrates your complete dedication to leading the critical change that sustains and propels organizational success.

Who Should Register?

Villanova’s online Certificate in Organizational Leadership is designed for business leaders, mid-level managers and project managers at all levels. This comprehensive program is perfect for aspiring managers and project managers, as well as IT professionals, Six Sigma and other quality control managers in any industry.

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