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Leadership Courses

Explore the perspectives, strategies, and best practices in these in-demand career paths; Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, Business Process Management, Agile Contract Management, Information Security Management, Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, Human Resources and Leadership.


Strategic Organizational Leadership

The eight-week Strategic Organizational Leadership course is designed to help professionals develop a toolkit they can immediately apply as a leader to become a highly productive and inspiring leader of tomorrow.

Finance & Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager

The Finance & Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager course will help you understand accounting processes and methodologies, enhance your ability to forecast financial performance, spot trends and better study your competition.

VA Benefit Eligibility: Visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Web Enabled Approval Management System (WEAMS) to view which programs of study or courses are currently certified. Benefit certification depends upon your VA determined eligibility, enrollment status and certified program of study.