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Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma

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Last Updated October 19, 2023

Boost your success by getting Lean Six Sigma training from Villanova University – 100% online. In the world of Lean thinking, your primary goal is to operate more efficiently by eliminating not only defects in products and services, but other forms of waste: inventory, over-processing, waiting, motion, under-utilized talent, transportation and overproduction. Lean Six Sigma techniques help professionals in both service and manufacturing industries. With no prerequisites, you can begin Lean Six Sigma during the next session.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Lean Six Sigma for service and every other type of business or industry
  • To create shorter cycle time for production
  • How to implement faster response time for services
  • Ways to lower costs to provide products and services
  • Customer satisfaction improvement
  • Increase productivity from fewer resources

What You’ll Study:

  • Lean concepts
  • Visualizing inefficiency
  • Focus of the customer
  • Lean projects
  • Other considerations
  • Kaizen events and set-up reduction

The eight-week Lean Six Sigma course is ideal for Lean Six Sigma consulting professionals, managers and professionals in any type of industry who want to transform their organization into a leaner, more efficient business. Those with little or no prior experience with Lean Six Sigma consulting will learn to understand, interpret, and use the core concepts of Lean methodologies to make better business decisions. Get valuable skills that you can use immediately to maximize company performance from Villanova University.