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Senior HR Recruiter Job Description

Senior HR Recruiter Job Description

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Last Updated December 29, 2011

Career-minded HR professionals have many options for challenging, high-paying positions in the field of HR recruiting. Working up to a senior HR recruiter can be a path to an exciting future with improved job stability and potential for increased earnings. Senior HR recruiters help organizations reach strategic goals by attracting and hiring top-performing employees, from C-suite level executives to support staff.

Hiring is one of an organization’s most important and impactful activities. The right employees can help an organization move forward toward growth and prosperity. Conversely, employee turnover can be costly: training expenses, loss of productivity and increased taxes are just a few examples of the losses businesses face when hiring does not work out.

In a competitive marketplace, businesses can no longer hire less-than-best-fit employees and still remain competitive. Businesses depend on senior HR recruiters to hire quality job candidates, which can save the company time and money, and improve productivity. HR professionals who wish to pursue this career can obtain industry skills and knowledge through a Human Resource Development masters degree.

Human Resources Recruiter Job Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts positive growth for HR management jobs. Job growth for HR positions is projected to increase steadily through 2030. The demand for HR professionals may be a result of a more competitive business environment that compels employers to focus on attracting and hiring the best employees.

Senior HR Recruiter Job Duties

Senior HR recruiters work to improve productivity and reduce turnover, and can help save countless hours for organizations by identifying and attracting top-performing professionals to fill job openings. Developing and recommending recruiting strategies to ensure a successful search in a given time frame is an important aspect of the senior HR recruiter’s job. Other duties typically include working with hiring managers and HR personnel to determine staffing needs, along with minimum qualifications and skills required for open positions.

Developing and maintaining a strong network of contacts helps HR professionals identify and source quality candidates. It is their duty to review applications to identify and arrange preliminary interviews with the most promising candidates. Screening and referring candidates for additional interviews are often the next step in the senior HR recruiter’s process.

Other senior HR recruiter job responsibilities can include consulting with hiring managers on staffing and recruitment policies, ensuring compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity mandates, and advising management on hiring and compensation guidelines.

In addition, senior HR recruiters may update and track recruitment files, prepare and place job advertising across appropriate media, coordinate internal job postings and perform reference and background checks. Attending career fairs and networking events is another common part of this job.

Education and Training for a Senior HR Recruiter

In general, employers prefer to hire senior HR recruiters with a broad base of business knowledge, as well as human resources expertise. A human resources degree is often required, along with work experience. Some employers may also show preference to candidates with professional HR certification or advanced education, such as an HR master’s degree.

HR professionals can also gain the specialty skills and advanced knowledge employers seek by enrolling in a Master of Science in Human Resource Development degree program. Coursework typically includes employment law, human resource metrics, and statistical research, workforce planning, and compensation.

Employers can be confident that professionals who have earned a master’s degree in HR are able to:

  • Attract talent by designing competitive compensation and benefits packages
  • Use data and statistics to make informed decisions that solve real-world business problems
  • Develop and measure the success of recruitment procedures
  • Understand principles of developing and conserving human resources
  • Leverage advanced knowledge and skills to succeed as a senior HR recruiter

Considering a Career as a Senior HR Recruiter?

Senior HR recruiters need a solid set of consultative, communication, interpersonal, and networking skills. In addition, they should demonstrate attention to detail. Strong organizational, collaborative, and planning skills also typically serve professionals well in this position. If you possess these attributes, you may be a great fit for a senior HR recruiter position.