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Will Earning an Online Certificate Increase My Current Salary?

Will Earning an Online Certificate Increase My Current Salary?

Last Updated December 3, 2012

Education makes a real difference in earning power. U.S. Census Bureau studies show that as Americans shifted from farming jobs to manufacturing and then to white-collar careers, more people enrolled in higher education. Soon, rising incomes among college-educated workers became clear.

It’s a Fact: More Education Means More Money

Statistics gathered by the U.S. Census Bureau prove the correlation between education level and salary. A person holding a bachelor’s degree will earn, on average, almost twice as much over their working lifetime than a person with a high school diploma. A master’s degree can mean almost $32,000 more in salary per year than a high school diploma. Consider these findings, based on full-time, year-round workers:

Education Level Annual Salary
High school graduate $30,400
Associate’s degree $38,200
Bachelor’s degree $52,200
Master’s degree $62,300
Education Level Lifetime Earnings
High school graduate $1.2 million
Associate’s degree $1.6 million
Bachelor’s degree $2.1 million
Master’s degree $2.5 million

The implication is clear-continuing education has a positive effect on earnings.

Advance Your Career Potential With Online Certificate Programs

Have you ever missed out on a promotion because another applicant had more education or training? It’s not a good feeling-especially if you have years of work experience. But the fact remains: employers look at education level and ongoing training when deciding whom to hire and promote. In many companies, a qualified applicant may be passed over in favor of a candidate with similar experience but more education.

Completing an online certificate program demonstrate a real commitment to your career. It means you’re serious about contributing to your company’s success by helping it operate more efficiently and profitably. It means you set goals-and achieve them. When you obtain the skills employers seek, you’ll find yourself in demand, with real advantages for career success. And you can do this through convenient online training.

Online Certificate Programs Offer Training in High-Demand Skill Sets

Advanced college degrees often require large investments of time and money. But it’s possible to boost your career potential-and earning power-through online certificate programs that fit into your busy schedule. Top-ranked universities offer in-demand skills training through online certificate programs in such disciplines as contract management, human resources, Six Sigma, IS Security and more.

Learning New Skills Sets you Apart Now and in the Future

Mastering the skills employers want now can increase your salary and long-term career prospects. Online certificate programs are designed to set you apart from other professionals competing for the same high-income job or promotion. These positions typically go to the applicant with the most current skill set and advanced training. You can improve your chances by earning a professional certificate online.

What skills can help you land a great job now-and position you for advancement in the future?

  • Project management skills
  • Six Sigma knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership training
  • Contract management expertise
  • Negotiation skills

Advance Your Career Options With Increased Knowledge and Skills

For today’s workforce, pursuing specific career-enhancing training programs makes a huge difference in earning power. Continuing education and online certificates are the keys to personal growth and professional success, for everyone from entry-level employees to experienced managers.

When seeking online training, look for an accredited university with a respected reputation. You can enroll in online courses and earn a wide variety of certificates through Villanova University. Through a convenient, video-based e-learning platform, Villanova offers 100% online certificate programs in:

  • Project Management
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Agile Contract Management
  • IS Security
  • Business Analysis
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership

Professional Training and Online Certificates Can Boost Your Salary

One consequence of a more educated populace is higher competition for good jobs. Continually upgrading your skill set enables you to compete with other qualified individuals over the course of your career. Villanova’s online certificate programs can fit into your busy schedule and can allow you to complete the course at your own pace.