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How Will NCMA Certification Help Me in Contract Management?

How Will NCMA Certification Help Me in Contract Management?

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Last Updated March 8, 2024

Professional certification is vital to job seekers in today’s competitive economy. And, when you’re employed in contract management, keeping your skills sharp and up-to-date is expected. Anyone working at this high level of performance knows that continuous education is a must.

When you’re ready to advance in your contract management career, National Contract Management Association (NCMA) certification may provide you with an advantage. Employers may prefer to hire and promote contract managers who are NCMA-certified, because NCMA certification is considered the industry standard. In addition, professionals who hold NCMA certification may have higher earning potential than their non-certified counterparts.

U.S. Government Requires Demonstrated Contract Management Skills

Organizations applying for government contracts must be able to effectively manage the contract process. Contract management certification demonstrates your aptitude for negotiating, administering and procuring a variety of contracts. Legally binding, properly written contracts are fundamental to successful partnerships with service suppliers, product distributors and end users working with the federal government.

30 Years of Contract Management Certification

Employers seeking top-quality contract managers have relied on NCMA’s certification program for over 30 years. NCMA certification, which requires a combination of experience, education and training, is highly regarded in both the commercial and government sectors as the premier contract manager certification program.

NCMA Certification for Contract Managers

NCMA certification is highly respected, but it doesn’t come easily. Interested candidates must meet minimum experience and education standards for the certification they seek. Then, they must pass the appropriate examination. And, unlike other certification programs, NCMA does not allow candidates with years of experience or other certifications to bypass or be grandfathered into any NCMA certification program. An applicant’s experience and related certifications can count toward, but not replace, application requirements.

Types of NCMA Certifications and Exams

There are three NCMA certifications in Contract Management:

  • Certified Federal Contract Manager (CFCM)
  • Certified Commercial Contract Manager (CCCM)
  • Certified Professional Contract Manager (CPCM)

Each certification has its own qualifications and a unique exam that candidates must pass:

  • CFCM – Federal Knowledge Module Exam
  • CCCM – Commercial Knowledge Module Exam
  • CPCM – Certified Professional Contract Manager Module Exam

All exams are computer-based, with either 110 or 180 multiple choice questions. There are no true/false or essay questions.

What Is Covered in Contract Management Certification Training?

NCMA certification training programs are intensive, and typically include instruction in:

  • Commercial Contract Management
    Contract elements, formation, performance and enforcement
  • Contract Law
    Appropriations, funding and legislation regulations, and commercial vs. government contracts
  • Government Contract Management
    Process, ethics, social/economic programs, tracking and reporting
  • Contract Negotiation Skills
    Role of negotiation, basic rules and negotiation essentials
  • Business Skills
    Management, accounting and finance, marketing, operations and economics
  • Government Property
    Classification, policy and property management systems
  • Property Law
    Real property, personal property and intellectual property
  • Contract Pricing
    Estimating, analysis and audits
  • Performance-Based Contracts
    Statement of Work (SOW) writing, performance-based service acquisition

Prepare for the NCMA Certification Exam With the Certificate in Agile Contract Management

Regardless of which NCMA certification you want to pursue, Villanova’s Certificate in Contract Management may help prepare you for the NCMA certification exams. Villanova offers the flexibility of 100% online training and an interactive and collaborative, video-based e-learning platform.

NCMA Certification

Whether you’re currently working as a contract administrator, contract manager, project manager or sales manager, an NCMA certification may help advance your career possibilities. But NCMA certification exams require preparation. Enrolling in the certificate program online can help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for NCMA certification. Together, a Villanova certificate and NCMA certification may give you an edge when competing for contract management roles.