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Government Training

Government Training

Online Training for Today's Government Employees

The demand on governments to increase efficiency, improve quality, manage projects and contracts, and follow enhanced IT security protocols has never been higher. To address these issues, governments are calling for more targeted training initiatives to drive a higher benchmark of knowledge and competence from their employees.

Whether you’re currently working for the government or aspire to, you can get the skills you need to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Villanova University offers sought-after certificates for today’s government employees and agencies, in disciplines such as: Agile ManagementApplied Project ManagementLean Six SigmaBusiness Process ManagementAgile Contract Management and Information Security Management.

Earn Credentials While You Work — 100% Online

Learn skills you can apply today — build a safer, more efficient, more productive government of tomorrow. Whichever program you choose, you can complete your certificate 100% online and around your own schedule. Courses consists of professor-led, online video lectures, weekly, live virtual class sessions and interactive discussions boards that you can access anytime, anywhere. The enrollment process is seamless and our representatives can assist with any questions you may have.

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Programs of Particular Interest and Government Examples

Certificate in Lean Six Sigma

This process improvement certificate gives you proven Lean Six Sigma techniques for reducing waste, increasing cost savings and boosting interdepartmental efficiency at all levels of government. Equip yourself with the expertise to analyze, adjust and elevate performance within any governmental organization as you gain skills you can apply immediately on the job. Certificate in Lean Six Sigma – also helps you prepare for respected Villanova-exclusive certifications.

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Certificate in Agile Management

No matter what area of government is your specialty, you can help improve efficiency and cost savings for your agency or department with Agile training from Villanova. Discover how to divide projects into small, manageable pieces that allow for quicker, higher quality results. Earning your Certificate in Agile Management will help prepare you for valued industry certifications, including PMI-ACP®, PSM and PSPO.

Government examples:
  1. The VA successfully delivered its first new large-scale system in years after moving to Agile in 2009, and has since adopted Agile for the development of other critical systems. (InformationWeek, “Why Feds Are Embracing Agile”, August 9, 2013)
  2. The FBI credits Agile with helping save its faltering digital case management system, Sentinel, which was ultimately completed under its revised budget. (CIO, “How the FBI Proves Agile Works for Government Agencies”, August 22, 2012)

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The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) has teamed up with Villanova University Online to offer training to Department of Defense Acquisition, Technology and Logistics personnel. Through this dynamic partnership, students who have attained Level 2 or Level 3 certification may be eligible to receive credit toward one of Villanova University’s certificate programs.

The following programs are now available through a strategic partnership between DAU and Villanova University:

Certificate in Applied Project Management

Department of Defense Acquisition, Technology and Logistics personnel possessing a Level 2 or 3 Certification in Program Management will receive credit for the Essentials of Project Management course. Only two additional courses are required to complete the Certificate in Applied Project Management from Villanova University.

Certificate in Agile Contract Management

Department of Defense Acquisition, Technology and Logistics personnel possessing a Level 2 or Level 3 Contract Management Certification are eligible to receive credit for the Essentials of Government Contract Management course. Only three additional courses are required to attain the Certificate in Agile Contract Management from Villanova University. You’ll learn how to track and report on the expenditure of taxpayers’ money. This certificate program also prepares you for industry certification.

Government examples:
  1. A Government Accountability Office report issued in September 2009 identified several weaknesses in contracting data systems.
  2. In an August 2010 report, the Government Accountability Office stated that an Army contract for engineering and maintenance support for the Chinook helicopter swelled from $34.7 million to $477 million due to poor oversight.

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Certificate in Information Security Management

Gain valuable insight into the latest techniques and cutting-edge technology while you prepare for industry certification with a Certificate in Infomration Security Management. This program can help you become compliant with Department of Defense Directive 8570.1 by preparing you for certifications including CompTIA Security+TM.

Government examples:

In December 2005, the Department of Defense mandated that any full- or part-time military servicemember, contractor, or foreign employee with privileged access to an information system must obtain a commercial information security credential.

The certifications shown below are the only commercial certifications accepted by the Department of Defense.

Department of Defense Qualifying Commercial Certifications

(Fulfillment for the 8570.1M requirement)

Technical I Technical II Technical III
SSCP Security+ CISSP
Network+ GSEC CISA
Management I Management II Management III

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