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Six Sigma Green Belt

By Bisk
Six Sigma Green Belt

Everyone talks about making better business decisions. Now, you can take action with Six Sigma Green Belt training, which helps you strengthen your organization by understanding, interpreting and using the core concepts of Six Sigma. Designed for professionals with little or no prior experience with Six Sigma methodologies, this eight-week online course from Villanova University helps develop critical skills required for successful process improvement. The course prepares you for Six Sigma Black Belt training and future Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Proven Six Sigma problem-solving methods and statistical tools
  • Practical processes for collecting and analyzing data
  • Know-how to lead and execute process-level improvement projects
  • Critical skills necessary to successfully lead project teams

What You’ll Study:

  • Deployment
  • Tools to monitor variation
  • Tools to control variation
  • Other tools and considerations
  • Introduction to design of experiments (DOE)
  • Project management

Six Sigma Green Belt training is perfect for mid to upper-level managers responsible for top-line growth. You’ll gain skills to implement cost reductions and improved organizational capability and capacity. With no pre-requisites, enrollment is open and simple. Register for the next session today and you could be ready to earn your Six Sigma Green Belt certification in just eight weeks!

How valuable is Six Sigma? Jack Welch, CEO of GE from 1981 to 2000, increased the market value of the company to a degree unmatched by any other CEO in history, from $12 billion in 1981 to $280 billion in 2001, an increase of approximately $270 billion! Welch attributed a large part of GE’s success to its adoption of Six Sigma throughout the entire company.

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