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Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Reduce Waste, Increase Results: Earn Your Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

By Bisk
Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Join successful project managers everywhere who are saving billions by improving productivity and reducing waste, variation and defects with Six Sigma Black Belt training from Villanova University – 100% online. One of the most sought-after credentials in business today, the Six Sigma Black Belt certification helps you ask the right questions and get the right answers. Mastery of Six Sigma techniques and strategies can help you lead projects and mentor Green Belts in your organization. Villanova’s program also helps you prepare for Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Core Six Sigma concepts
  • To effectively measure process inputs that affect customer satisfaction
  • Statistical and non-statistical process-parameters analysis techniques
  • Lead and coach quality improvement initiatives
  • A greater understanding of variation and process behavior

What You’ll Study:

  • Tools and techniques to monitor variation
  • Distributions and data analysis
  • Tools and techniques to control variation
  • Design of experiments
  • Other process improvement tools and techniques
  • Project management

Six Sigma Black Belt training is ideal for knowledgeable Green Belt practitioners or those with equivalent experience who wish to enhance their status as recognized leaders and get into Six Sigma Black Belt jobs. With the Six Sigma Black Belt certification, you’ll be able to identify and implement breakthrough improvements for enhanced bottom-line results.

Get the training needed to prepare for your Black Belt certification – enroll today!

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