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Infographic: Lean Six Sigma Certification Requirements

Business Nirvana: The Pursuit of Perfection

By Bisk
Infographic: Lean Six Sigma Certification Requirements

The philosophy of Six Sigma is to improve efficiency by ridding businesses of process flaws. Lean Six Sigma is a variation of this principle that focuses on eliminating waste to decrease costs for a business. Incorporating Lean Six Sigma can help a business pursue process perfection and reach business nirvana.

There are many benefits of adopting Lean Six Sigma for a business, particularly in the areas of productivity and profitability. Eliminating wasteful practices and overly complicated processes help a business operate economically. Eradicating excess inventory, overproduction and transportation processes can help a company save money and time.

The cost-saving properties of Lean Six Sigma implementation make it an appealing option for business owners. This is why so many companies encourage Six Sigma utilization. The Lean Six Sigma certification requirements vary based on the desired level of training. Some common levels of Six Sigma are Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt. Large companies normally train 3-4% of their employees as Green Belts and 1% as Black Belts. Online Six Sigma certification programs allow employees to get Lean Six Sigma training while maintaining their careers at the same time.

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