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Marketing Positions Awaiting an MPA Graduate

By Bisk
Marketing Positions Awaiting an MPA Graduate

Professionals who have recently graduated with a Master’s in Public Administration degree have many options through which to advance their career. Those with a penchant for marketing can consider a wide range of new job openings in governmental, private or non-profit settings. Consider the following paths when deciding how to apply a Master’s degree in Public Administration to the field of marketing.

The Non-Profit Sector

While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not report salary data specifically by degree program, they do report data on a number of careers that may be of interest to professionals holding a Master’s degree in Public Administration. For graduates interested in working in the Non-Profit sector, managers who understand and can apply sound marketing principles are in demand across all interest areas.

In challenging economic times, non-profit organizations must use creative strategies in order to sustain funding and continue growth goals. Professionals with a Master’s degree in Public Administration are uniquely trained to assist non-profit organizations in marketing strategies that can support growth and expansion. From managing teams to identifying grant opportunities and preparing effective marketing strategies, professionals with a master’s level degree provide many of the skills organizations need to thrive in today’s economy.

The BLS reports an impressive 10% growth in the need for additional social and community service managers to fill organizational needs through 2024. Polished marketing abilities combined with sound principles can strengthen the backbone of an organization struggling to flourish in a time when donation money is harder to secure. With an average annual income of $63,530 for these particular careers, non-profits attract candidates who wish to use their skills to promote a particular cause or program within a dynamic and rewarding professional environment.

Private Companies

The current economic environment is prompting many private companies to look for ways to streamline their efforts and cut back on waste. This often means re-visiting marketing strategies and adjusting organizational goals, which opens up an opportunity for marketing and promotion managers.

Nationally, the BLS reports that marketing and promotional related careers are growing at approximately 9% with over 19,700 new jobs expected to meet demands unfolding throughout the decade. Marketing and promotion managers have an average annual salary of $124,850, according to the BLS. Opportunities vary across geographic locations. Local chapters of professional associations are often the best place to check to accurately gauge local organizational growth trends, salaries and opportunities.

Professionals who hold a Master’s degree in Public Administration can help direct organizational goals through their expertise in understanding the pulse of the industry and contributing their knowledge to help drive growth. Assisting a small or mid-size business in reaching aggressive goals can be an exciting experience for professionals who want to apply their degree in a fast-paced growth-oriented environment. While the demands may be intense, the payoffs are significant and the day to day lifestyle can be stimulating.

Governmental Sector

A wide range of government opportunities exists for recent graduates in public administration. From small agencies and municipalities to large international entities, the opportunities vary widely. There are over 80,000 governmental organizations that operate stateside and abroad. There is a wide range of working environments possible for graduates holding a Master’s degree in Public Administration who wants to work within a governmental organization.

In agencies that work directly with the public, MPA liaisons work with community organizations to secure funding, promote collaborative programs and report findings. MPA graduates often sit on committees that drive policy decisions and can serve an integral role in helping the government reach the needs of the populace.

Opportunities are available for graduates who hold a Master’s degree in Public Administration. For professionals interested in a niche area within public administration, there is a diverse range of opportunities that utilize their newly-gained knowledge and skills, including those in the field of marketing. Graduates interested in marketing can apply their interests and degree in private, non-profit and governmental settings.

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