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Your Path To Project Manager Success

By Bisk
Project Manager Training Programs

Are you a professional project manager – or do you aspire to become one? Online project manager training is a smart move that will not only give you new skills to improve your job performance immediately, but it will also prepare you for industry certification that can advance your career. Did you know that the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification, awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), is the most recognized and respected credential in the field? PMI certification can lead to more responsibility and increasingly complex projects at your current job. And with this respected credential on your résumé, you’ll be ready to compete for top-paying project manager positions.

The Advantages of Continued Project Management Education

Businesses in nearly every industry need qualified project managers to lead the teams that launch new products, develop innovative technologies, implement advanced strategies, build new structures and much more. Project management is a challenging and rewarding profession, with a wide variety of responsibilities. Becoming a successful project manager takes multitasking ability, analytical thinking, and excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

It also takes continued project manager education. Solving new business challenges, managing teams of people and helping organizations compete in a complex business environment takes constant innovation, as well as new tools and techniques. Project manager training programs are designed to keep you ahead of what’s next in business – so you can deliver the results your organization needs.

Investing in your project management training offers additional advantages:

  • A demonstrated commitment to your project management career that will impress your current employer, as well as potential employers.
  • Skills you can use immediately to improve job performance.
  • The ability to create measureable growth for your company – and advancement for yourself.
  • The confidence of knowing your project management skills are on the industry’s leading edge.
  • The opportunity to earn industry-recognized and highly respected credentials, such as PMP®.

Project Manager Classes to Fit Your Busy Schedule

Villanova University’s online project management training offers convenient, 24/7 access to classes that will strengthen your skills and immediately improve your on-the-job performance. You will learn the tools, techniques and concepts that make projects run more smoothly and achieve the organization’s stated goals. Customize your project manager education with Villanova’s individual online project manager training courses and multi-course certificate programs.

Project manager classes cover concepts such as best practices, tactical project issues, quality and continuous improvement, and cultural considerations in project management. Through animated exercises, interactive case studies and the latest project management techniques, you’ll hone important new skills that will distinguish you from your peers and improve your career opportunities.

Top-Quality Project Manager Training Programs

Villanova offers professional project manager training classes, including Essentials of Project Management, Advanced Strategic Project Management, Strategic Organizational Leadership and Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep, which will help you prepare successfully for industry-recognized project management certification by the PMI.

Professionals who enroll in Villanova’s online project manager training will study a wide variety of in-demand, skill-building topics, such as:

  • The project manager’s role
  • The leader’s compass
  • Eight-step method for implementing change
  • Estimating and controlling costs
  • Computing the cost of inventory
  • Critical chain project management
  • Adapting to customer needs

Are You Ready to Launch Your Career to New Heights?

It’s no secret that qualified project managers are highly valued and in demand by top employers around the globe. Businesses increasingly require a project manager’s distinctive combination of skills and knowledge to keep projects moving forward, meet objectives and remain competitive.

Project manager training can give you these valuable skills, prepare you for PMP certification and immediately improve your job performance. And you’ll be well on track for a successful project manager career.




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