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Advance Your Career With Project Management Training

By Bisk
Project Management Training Online

Managing a project involves setting and achieving goals, planning and overseeing progress, and interacting with diverse groups of people. Project management is both an art and a skill – and it is in high demand by leading organizations around the globe.

Successful project managers help businesses navigate the complexities of today’s business environment to reach established goals. Staying ahead of everyday shifts in the global landscape requires professionals to augment their knowledge and skills through project management training. In this competitive and rewarding profession, continued professional education is essential to success.

Gain and Strengthen These Valuable Project Management Skills

Villanova University’s project management training classes can help you strengthen your skills and compete for lucrative positions with organizations of all sizes. Whether your interests lie in finance, biotech, telecommunications, engineering, construction or most any industry, project management training courses will give you the in-demand skills employers want through convenient online certificate programs and multi-course certificate tracks.

Project management classes typically stress concepts such as resource allocation, stakeholder management, project team selection and long-range planning. Interactive features include animated case studies and exercises, along with real-world project management scenarios that fully illustrate the latest methodologies.

Villanova offers training in project management, with high-quality instruction by experts in the field. You will learn critical skills to apply immediately in your current position, through classes like Essentials of Project Management, Project Management Capstone, Maximizing Team Effectiveness and Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam Prep, which will help you prepare successfully for industry-recognized project management certification by Project Management Institute (PMI®).

Professionals in Villanova’s project management training courses study topics such as:

  • The project manager’s role
  • Personal project management development
  • Human resource, risk and quality planning
  • Estimating and controlling costs
  • Communication and project control
  • Critical chain project management
  • Navigating a diverse landscape

Who Can Benefit From Project Management Training?

A project manager’s main responsibility is to move assigned projects through each step on the way to completing an established goal. This profession requires a finely honed set of skills that includes both broad business knowledge and a focus on leadership and teamwork.

Project management training can provide any professional – current project manager or not – with valuable skills that are in demand by employers in nearly every industry. From risk assessment to stress management, strategic planning to scheduling, the concepts you master in project management classes can make an immediate difference in your work. And they can lead to the long-term career boost you’ve been seeking.

Training in project management can also lead to industry-recognized certification, such as Project Management Professional (PMP), awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This respected certification carries a high degree of credibility and respect; it can also help you land top project management positions with leading employers who require the highest level of skill.

Choose the Right Project Management Training Course

When you’re ready to propel your career to the highest level, be sure to choose the right project management training course. Your valuable investment of time and money deserves only the highest quality training courses. Villanova University offers an unbeatable combination of quality, convenience and flexibility with individual project management classes as well as certificate courses 100% online. Your successful project management career depends on keeping your skills sharp and your knowledge current through advanced, professional training.



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