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Utilizing Your Project Management Qualifications

By Bisk
Utilizing Your Project Management Qualifications

Before you do what it takes to earn new credentials, you might be wondering how you will be utilizing your project management qualifications. First, by strengthening your project management skills, you’ll distinguish yourself from your peers and you’ll be more likely to be among the top candidates to be considered for advancement within your company and when seeking a new job. Second, when you take the time to gain cutting-edge knowledge not only can you put it to work immediately at your job, but you also attain valuable new credentials to include on your résumé. Lastly, your new credentials can boost your professional value, as well as provide you with more job security and satisfaction.

Two Main Types of Project Management Qualifications Employers Seek

Organizations find it challenging to recruit the ideal project management professionals with a broad range of expertise and respected credentials. Certifications are more valuable than ever as they represent a high level of competency and dedication. It has become more and more common to see PMI®certifications as a job requirement. Although there are several credentials a project manager can obtain, the two types that are most respected are PMP® and CAPM® certifications. Here’s a brief overview from the Project Management Institute (PMI) for each of these certifications:

Project Management Professional (PMP)

One of the most valued credentials in project management, the PMP credential assures employers that you are committed to project management. Earning and maintaining this credential demonstrates a solid foundation of experience in effectively managing projects. Those bearing the PMP credential:

  • Perform their duties under general supervision and are responsible for all aspects of the project for the life of the project
  • Lead and direct cross-functional teams to deliver projects within the constraints of schedule, budget, and resources
  • Demonstrate sufficient knowledge and experience to appropriately apply a methodology to projects that have reasonably well-defined project requirements and deliverables

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

The CAPM is considered an essential step for project team members. The CAPM credential can benefit a wide range of individuals who want to demonstrate a comprehensive and consistent understanding of the application of their work. By gaining knowledge of project management processes and terminology, project team members can enhance their contributions to the team’s success. The CAPM is designed for project team members who:

  • Provide subject matter expertise (e.g. marketing, finance, customer care, processing, fulfillment)
  • Serve as project team sponsors, facilitators, liaisons or coordinators

Top 10 Reasons for Earning a PMI Credential

Project management certification is essential and utilizing your project management qualifications is the key to your career success. The Project Management Institute states that, “certification is an important step in career development and recognizes qualified and competent individuals.” According to PMI, these are the top ten reasons why project management practitioners need to be PMI-certified:

  1. PMI credentials show your commitment to the project management profession. When you earn a PMI credential, you show peers, supervisors and clients your commitment to the profession, PMI’s code of ethics and your ability to perform the functions of a project management practitioner to a certain level.
  2. PMI credentials recognize your knowledge, skills and abilities. PMI serves as an unbiased endorsement of your project management knowledge and professional experience on a global level.
  3. PMI credentials reflect achievement. PMI credentials show that you have demonstrated excellence in the field by meeting standard requirements established by global project management practitioners.
  4. PMI credentials can lead to greater earnings. Many credential holders experience salary increases because of their certification status.
  5. PMI credentials can lead to career opportunities and advancement. PMI family of credentials identifies you as a practitioner who has demonstrated competency in project management processes or in knowledge and experience in specialty areas of practice based on industry standards.
  6. PMI credentials prepare you for greater job responsibilities. PMI credentials indicate your willingness to invest in professional development. This enables credential holders an awareness of changing processes and terminology in the field.
  7. PMI credentials improve skills and knowledge. Preparation for a PMI credential requires study and review of current project management processes. Earning a credential highlights your knowledge, competence and proficiency in your practice.
  8. PMI credentials build self-confidence. With a PMI credential, you define yourself beyond a job title while gaining a sense of personal satisfaction.
  9. PMI credentials allow for greater recognition from peers. PMI credential holders gain increased recognition from their peers for taking the extra step in professional development.
  10. PMI credentials enhance the profession. PMI’s certification program promotes practitioners and supports ongoing professional development.

Put Your Project Management Credentials to Work for You

Earning project management credentials from a premier, top-ranked university demonstrates career dedication and expertise, plus it gives you new skills you can apply immediately at your job. You’ll distinguish yourself from the competition and be recognized as someone who is serious about professional development. As you begin utilizing your project management qualifications and knowledge in the workplace, you’ll be able to effectively manage projects to achieve the strategic goals of your organization.

What’s PMI Certification Worth?

Certification Magazine reports that PMP holders have experienced an overall increase in professional opportunities, while the CAPM credential is a globally developed and deployed certification that is transferrable across borders and industries. By utilizing your project management qualifications and credentials, you’ll have more career opportunities and strengthen your salary. In fact, the average compensation for U.S. project management practitioners is $101,505 according to the PMI Project Management Salary Survey, Fifth Edition. This survey also revealed that those who have held the PMP credential for two to four years earn, on average, 15.6% more than their non-credentialed colleagues who have similar experience. Similarly, CAPM holders also earn better salaries than their non-certified peers.

Onward and Upward For Certified Project Managers

Over the years, the value of project management certification has increased significantly as business leaders have embraced the benefits a professional project manager brings.

In the course of utilizing your project management qualifications, you’ll be able to improve your ability to implement and provide strategic initiatives on time, within budget, with minimal risk and high quality assurance. To drive this home, PMI released the following findings from their global survey:

  • 92% of respondents agreed that using professional project managers is an effective way to ensure success
  • 73% confirmed that they currently employ professional project managers
  • 100% of IT executives believe that utilizing professional project managers leads to the successful completion of projects

Are You Certified?

As you can see, certification is a critical step in your career as a project manager, to enhance your job opportunities and boost your salary. If you already have your certification then you know you’re on the right track. However, if you’re not certified yet, there’s no time to delay. Act now to register for a comprehensive project management program that will prepare you for PMP and/or CAPM certification. Find a convenient online program that has a good balance of education and exam preparation.

Learn From the Worldwide Leader in Online Project Management Education

Villanova University offers dynamic online project management training ideal for gaining vital knowledge, as well as preparing your for PMI certification exams. Whether you’re new to the field or a practicing professional, Villanova offers a variety of courses including a Certificate in Applied Project Management.

Certificate Program for Project Managers

Based on the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition, the Certificate in Applied Project Management will empower you with new skills you can apply immediately on the job. Throughout these online project management courses, you will be taught via streaming video lectures by acclaimed faculty members who are the world’s foremost project management experts. You’ll also benefit from helpful case studies, graphics and videos that fully demonstrate key concepts, as well as have access to new test-prep questions, which help prepare you for PMP and CAPM industry certification exams from PMI.

A Certificate Program will Take You Further

Once you’ve earned your PMP certification, you can increase your knowledge by obtaining a Certificate in Applied Project Management. You will learn all the latest high-level techniques to lead and manage people and projects, plus you’ll earn PDUs necessary to maintain your PMP certification.

Reach New Heights as a Project Manager

Villanova University’s enhanced online project management programs equip you with the knowledge and tools to succeed. By utilizing your project management qualifications from Villanova and attaining PMI certifications, you’ll be on a clear path to job security, professional growth and better pay.

PMP®, CAPM®, and PMI® are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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