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Villanova Distinguished Professional in Project Management

By Bisk
Villanova Distinguished Professional in Project Management

About the Program

The Villanova Distinguished Professional in Project Management recognizes Villanova online professionals who demonstrate leadership, expertise and commitment to the field of project management. Each month, our subject matter experts carefully review applications for this professional distinction and select one person to be featured and interviewed for their experience and insights into this in-demand field.

Read about each Villanova Distinguished Professional and their insights below.

March 2013

Yvette Dofat - Project Manager/Coordinator, Acentia

After working many years in Law Enforcement, Yvette entered the IT world as an Information Systems Administrator. After exploring different IT career pathways, she settled into the role of a Project Coordinator. Currently, Yvette is leading several projects while creating process documents associated with each of them. Yvette enjoys every moment she spends working on projects and this year one of her goals was to successfully complete a PMP® course and obtain her PMP® certification. Yvette shared her excitement with the Villanova team, “I feel great starting my goal” she said. “And I know I will feel like a million bucks once I have received my certification!” Yvette’s leadership and commitment to the field of project management have earned her the first-ever Villanova Distinguished Professional in Project Management recognition. Read the entire interview.

April 2013

Mike Manga - Project Manager, Kratos Public Safety & Solutions, Inc.

With more than 17 years of experience, Mike is a veteran of the Project and Account Management fields and has an innovative approach to business, operations, sales and personnel management. In a distinguished career, he has managed a multitude of diverse projects within the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Mike has led Project Management undertakings across market sectors, including commercial products, education, financial services and banking, healthcare, transportation, and local and state government. He has also participated in thought-leadership activities for ASIS – International.

In 2012, Mike completed the procurement, installation and integration of a turnkey Responder5 Nurse Call System for Hopewell Hospital/Capital Health in Trenton, N.J. Working directly with the customer, Mike managed in-house techs and electrical/low-voltage subcontractors, led the overall initiatives and championed the project to completion for the 660,000-square-foot, 380-bed hospital. He successfully completed the $1.4 million project with an 11% profit margin increase. Read the entire interview.

Want to be featured?

The VDP in Project Management is open to all professionals who have completed the Essentials of Project Management courses. Contact us today to learn more about our online programs or enroll now to gain access to the Project Management Resource Classroom and be considered for the Villanova Distinguished Professional.



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