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Niche Healthcare Job Sites

By Bisk
Niche Healthcare Job Sites

Finding a nursing job can be confusing with all of the information available on the Internet and the huge number of resources from which to choose. You may feel like your perfect job in healthcare is waiting for you – if only you could find it. This is why websites that specialize in healthcare jobs can be so valuable. Many are strictly focused on healthcare jobs with search options available for various disciplines. They’re often organized by geographic region, as well – so you can quickly evaluate only jobs in your state or the area to which you’d like to relocate or work.

With niche healthcare job sites, you won’t waste time wading through a number of web pages to find what you want. Here’s a list of some of the best ones around. This site offers a vast database of nursing jobs, along with news and information about the nursing field. You can search by categories, such as advanced practice careers or nurse management positions. You can also search by employer or location. If you’re just starting out, search by “entry level,” or if you’re an experienced nurse, search under “any level.” This site also provides information on industry events and career resources. Whether you’re conducting a broad-based or detailed search, you’ll find healthecareers to be very helpful. A quick registration on this site gives you access to postings for hundreds of available jobs, matched to your skills and education level. You can search by state or browse the featured jobs. Positions are also categorized into travel nursing jobs, per diem nursing jobs and permanent placement jobs. Whether you’re looking for adventure, flexibility or a more stable situation, can help you find it. Plus, you can immediately apply for a position online through the website. If you live in Michigan – or would like to – this site is for you. iCON, which stands for “Individual Career Opportunities in Nursing,” is dedicated to providing nurses with a system to identify career opportunities that match their education and training, as well as their preferred employment setting. Each time a job matching your skills and preferences is posted, you’ll receive an email alert, allowing you to view the details and apply. This site is limited to Michigan-based employers. No search or staffing firms are allowed. At Healthcare Degrees Online, the goal is to provide relevant, timely information to those seeking education programs that can lead to a career in the healthcare industry. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare is one of the fastest growing career fields in the United States. Healthcare Degrees Online produces content on hundreds of healthcare occupations and provides information for those seeking educational certificates, degrees and certifications. This site connects job seekers with over one million healthcare jobs. If that sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. You can search by title, skill or employer, as well as city, state and zip code. You can also upload your resume, compare jobs and find more information on employers. also sends job match alerts, allows you to track your application history, and offers helpful carrer advice, such as how to write a cover letter and answer tough interview questions.

GlassDoor Nurse Jobs: GlassDoor is known to provide insider looks at hundreds of national and regional companies, such as FedEx, Facebook and HP. In the nursing jobs section of the site, you can search by job type or by highest-to-lowest rated companies. For example, you can view jobs posted only by four-star-rated employers. You might want to check out the user-submitted company reviews before submitting your resume. You might even get a peek inside the interview process at the firm to which you’re applying.

Association Career Network: This site offers both general nursing and nurse practitioner job listings, organized by participating nursing associations. The jobs board is custom-tailored for the nursing industry. You can view job announcements and descriptions, post your resume and sign up for job alerts. Target your search by location or keyword.

American Traveler: Are you interested in becoming a travel nurse? Then this site is for you. American Traveler also lists per diem and permanent placement nursing jobs. You may search by state or specialty, and view sample assignments to learn more. The site also offers resources and experts who can answer your questions through email. This website can help you quickly find nursing job opportunities. Search by your level of education, location or specialty. For example, you may search all CNA, RN or LPN/LVN job openings. You can also search hundreds of specialties, from ambulatory care to urology nursing. If you’re interested in pursuing advanced education, such as an RN to BSN degree program, the site also lists nursing schools.

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