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Leadership Training Course

By Bisk
Leadership Training Courses

Today’s leaders understand that most professionals respond more positively to reason and inspiration rather than to managers who just give orders. Great leaders can persuade and help employees stay enthusiastic, be more responsive and proactive, given the right set of tools and techniques. Villanova University’s online leadership training courses offer a blend of theory and practical methods to help leaders motivate others.

Which leadership development course is right for you? You can choose to take individual courses or you can earn a Certificate in Organizational Leadership by completing three classes: Strategic Organizational Leadership, Maximizing Team Effectiveness and one additional online elective.

Villanova’s online leadership training can help professionals become a highly productive, organized and outstanding leaders within an organization.

  • A great choice for those seeking tactical management skills in a specialized area, this training promotes personal confidence, professional integrity, and management techniques used by the country’s top business leaders.
  • Professor-led online streaming video and audio, chat rooms, interactive class discussion and access to campus resources make these leadership management courses convenient and comprehensive, and available anywhere.
  • Students will be exposed to strategies used frequently in the corporate environment including fiscal planning, philosophy and ethics, employee communication and individual development and high-level leadership principles.
  • Earning a leadership certificate can demonstrate your complete dedication to leading the critical change that can sustain and propel organizational success.

These leadership training courses help professionals develop a toolkit they can apply as a leader at work, today, to become a highly productive and inspiring leader of tomorrow. Whether you take individual courses or get a certificate by completing three leadership classes, you’ll learn to influence, persuade and be a more proactive leader.

Who should take a leadership training course from Villanova? These convenient online classes are ideal for professionals ranging from managing stakeholders, to IT professionals, to quality control managers. Earning a leadership certificate can boost your income potential and demonstrate your commitment to career development.

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