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Information Systems Security Certification

By Bisk
Information Systems Security Certification

Information Systems Security (ISS) is the protection of computer and information systems in order to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of an organization. ISS is a fairly new area of focus within the Information Technology field. In the mid-to-late 90’s, many companies began to formalize their computer security policies and implement procedures and responsibilities to enable these policies. Today, companies are connecting more of their functions to technology and the internet, thereby helping increase the demand for qualified professionals.

Job Outlook for Information System Security Jobs

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job opportunities in information system security are projected to increase by 18% through 2024, a rate faster than the national average for all other occupations. Careers in ISS have grown significantly since the late 1990s and should continue to grow at a rapid pace.

Job Duties

Computer and information systems managers oversee aspects of technology within their organizations.  They plan and supervise research on the computer-related activities of business and collaborate to set goals and implement technology to meet those goals. Software development, network security, and Internet operations all fall within the responsibilities of this field. 

Computer information systems managers install and upgrade software and hardware, supervise systems design and programming and coordinate computer network implementation.  Other tasks include the security, upkeep, and maintenance of a company’s network security and analysis of the technology-related needs of the company.  

Salary Potential

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the 2015 median annual salary for information system security analysts was $90,120, while the highest percentage of analysts earned approximately $143,770 a year.

In addition, the annual wages by companies employing the most computer and information systems managers in May 2015 were:

Information Industry


Computer Systems Design and Similar Services 


Finance and Insurance




Enterprise and Company Management


Prepare for Certification

Learn how to combat cyber threats today and protect private information and data. Prepare for certification in IT security and become an expert in internet security.

As an IS security professional, it's important to maintain updated skills to combat threats, understand cryptography, prevent attacks, remedy unanticipated casualties and to achieve CISSP certification.

With Essentials of IS Security, professionals can command the skills to satisfy network security demands today and prepare for the IS/IT security certification 100% online. Become a leader in information systems security management. If you’re a professional developing skills on the management side of IS security, if you are charged with protecting the hard or soft assets within your organization or if you are looking to transition into the IS security field, this certification could be beneficial to your personal and professional growth.

This eight-week security training course is applicable to both the experienced IS security professional and beginner.

What you can learn:

  • Explore the history and ethics of security as it affects cyber-terrorism today
  • Examine risk assessment and management along with cryptography tools
  • Learn to create logical physical security design including firewalls
  • Create business continuity plans for disaster recovery
  • Implement and maintain security within your organization and test for CISSP® certification


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