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Information Security Jobs: Potential Salary

By Bisk
Information Security Job Growth Part 2

Research gathered from national payroll data and job postings reveals strong pay potential for IS jobs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Systems and Application Security Analysts earned a median annual salary of $90,120 in 2015. The top 10% of these IS professionals earned as high as $143,770 in annual income.

According to the same BLS statistics, IS Security Managers earned a median annual income of approximately $131,600 in 2015. The lowest 10% of earners made roughly $80,160, while the top 10% of workers had a earning potential of nearly $190.000.

Gaining additional experience, pursuing further educational opportunities and earning supplemental industry certification can take your career even higher – with the potential for further increases in earnings. An IS career could take you to high-level positions like officer, director or executive, where the highest salaries in IT jobs are generally found.

Education and Training Required for Information Security

Landing an information systems security job usually requires at least a bachelor’s degree. While requirements may vary depending on industry, role and employer, most employers show preference to candidates with a degree and additional information security training and certification.

Many individuals competing for cybersecurity jobs hold a degree in computer science, engineering, information systems or other area of study. Those pursuing executive-level IT positions often hold a master’s degree in computer science or a related discipline.

When considering an IS career, there are a number of industry certifications that can helps you separate from competition, while giving you the knowledge and skills employers desire.

For example, many IS security employers often prefer candidates with CompTIA Security+™ or CISSP® or SSCP® certification through ISC2®. To develop the critical skills required in an IS career and prepare for these exams, many professionals enroll in continuing professional education – such as the Information Security Management certificate offered 100% online by Villanova University.

Professionals who complete Villanova’s Certificate in Information Security Management have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Protect an organization’s information systems against the latest threats and complex cryptographic attacks.
  • Create and implement disaster recovery plans for critical business continuity.
  • Master sophisticated security concepts impacting today’s global businesses.
  • Test to earn Security+™, CISSP® or SSCP® certification.
  • Successfully compete for a high-demand, well-paid IS job.

Position Yourself to Land a High-Demand Information Security Job

The responsibilities of information systems security specialists have increased in recent years – and the demand for their skills continues to increase as well. Employers in nearly every industry need skilled IS professionals to fight cyber attacks and security breaches.

If you are a manager, finance professional or IT professional with strong problem-solving and analytical skills, enhance your IS employment opportunities through Villanova’s Certificate program in Information Security Management.

Acquiring the knowledge and certification employers want not only gives you a competitive edge, it can give you the level of confidence you need to take your IS career to new heights.

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