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What You May Not Know About the American Council on Education and ACE Credits

By Bisk
What You May Not Know About the American Council on Education and ACE Credits

What Are ACE Credits and Where Do They Come From?

Ace credits are trainings or courses in which professionals and military members participate that qualify for academic collegiate credit. To truly understand how this process works, you need to begin by defining ACE. The American Council on Education (ACE) is the only higher education organization that represents presidents and chancellors of all types of United States accredited, degree-granting institutions. This includes community colleges and four-year institutions, private and public universities, as well as nonprofit and for-profit colleges. This cross-sector membership enables ACE to serve as higher education's unifying voice.

ACE has been active since 1918, providing a voice and leadership for key higher education issues. ACE represents interests for a wide variety of groups ranging from over 1,800 campus executives to education-related associations and organizations. In fact, approximately 80% of today's college students are served by ACE member institutions.  President Obama has called for America to regain its standing of having the highest quantity of college graduates in the world by 2020. That's a goal that higher education institutions are striving to help meet. In doing its part, ACE embraces four distinct roles:

  • Represent and advocate – Serve as the principal voice for higher education in the public arena and coordinate the advocacy efforts of higher education associations
  • Lead – Identify and articulate major issues affecting postsecondary education and facilitate appropriate responses
  • Serve – Support high-quality postsecondary education and address the rapidly changing needs of America's colleges and universities by providing research and data analysis to institutions and identifying professional practices
  • Build capacity and capability – Expand the ability of American higher education institutions to fulfill their mission by providing educational opportunities to all students, creating new knowledge and serving our communities and the nation

Information provided by: Information by American Council on Education.

ACE CREDIT Review Process

The ACE College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT) helps professionals gain access to academic credit for formal learning that is obtained outside of a traditional collegiate setting. The ACE CREDIT Course Review is a process where a team of faculty from an institute of higher learning reviews a student's courses and decides whether to award college credit, including how much can be applied. Credit valuation can vary and is at the discretion of the college or university. Many organizations and the military are participating members for the review so that employees and servicemembers can get the maximum benefit out of their training. There are four types of basic categories where credit can be applied: vocational, lower division baccalaureate/associate, upper division baccalaureate, or graduate degree.

ACE Credits and the Military

The Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services has been active for more than half a century. It's the standard reference work for allowing training acquired in the military to be used toward collegiate credit. The Ace Military Guide is available online and provides visitors the ability to search for ACE-approved courses and occupations that allow servicemembers to gain ACE credits to put toward their collegiate career. The ACE military Guide Online can also allow visitors to explore the potential occupation or see if their training experiences have provided them with ACE credits.

Servicemembers should note that new courses and occupations can be added at any time, as ACE is continually performing evaluations.

Getting Your ACE Credits!

If you are experiencing difficulty while searching online to see if any of your professional training can translate into ACE credits, you can check with an advisor from your academic institution. Servicemembers searching for ACE credits may also speak with their Education Service Officer (ESO) or an advisor from the academic institution in which they are interested.

Villanova and ACE Credit Approval

Villanova offers a wide array of 100% online video-based e-learning education programs. Villanova's certificate programs are designed for managers and other professionals who want to improve their performance and prepare for industry certification.

If you're seeking ACE credits for Villanova online certificate coursework, you will typically have to take a proctored exam for each course. To find out more information you can visit the Villanova FAQ page.

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