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Master of Public Administration (MPA) Online Program Faculty

Craig Wheeland, PhD

Craig Wheeland, PhD

Dr. Wheeland focuses his research on city management, collaborative problem-solving approaches and leadership by elected officials in both city and suburban governments. His many professional honors include the Founder’s Award from the Graduate Alumni Society of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Villanova, and honorary induction into Alpha Sigma Lambda, National Honor Society for Adult Learners in Continuing Higher Education. Dr. Wheeland currently serves as the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, though his tenure at Villanova dates back to 1990 and includes roles as Director of the MPA Program, Department of Political Science Chair and Graduate Director of the MA Program in Political Science.

Dr. Wheeland received a PhD from Pennsylvania State University, as well as an MPA from the University of South Carolina. He completed his BA at the University of South Carolina Aiken.

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