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Sandra Kearney

Sandra Kearney

Sandra Kearney is the founder and CEO of, and is on the Faculty at Villanova University. She previously held several positions at IBM, most recently as the IBM Director for Global Initiatives and Programs focusing on government, business and national agendas. An advocate of emerging technologies, Sandra held the position of IBM Director of 3-D Internet and Virtual Business Technologies and played a pivotal role in driving IBM’s Virtual Universe Community and technologies that were incubated within IBM’s global research laboratory network. Sandra’s track record includes development of strategies and programs for government, aviation and logistics, media & entertainment and financial services. Additionally, she was a Senior Business Analyst for the industrial Sector in IBM. She also brings substantial skills from her 22 years as a Major in the United States Air Force, where she was variously an Instructor Pilot, Flight Safety Officer, Chief of Safety, Alternative Futures Program Officer, Pilot Scheduler, Plans and Programs, Loadmaster, and Electronics Technician. She currently serves on The Board of Advisors: Virtual World Certification/Curriculum at the University of Washington. She earned her Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Villanova University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Grand Canyon University.

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