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Information Security Online Program Faculty

Michael Gregg, CISSP®, MA

Michael Gregg, CISSP®, MA

President of Superior Solutions, Inc., a Houston-based security assessment and training firm, Mr. Gregg has more than 20 years of experience in the IT field. He has earned more than 20 certifications, including CISSP®, MCSE, CCNA®, CTT+, CIW Security Analyst, CEH, NSA IAM, SCNP and TICSA. Mr. Gregg has consulted and taught for many Fortune 500 companies. Although consulting consumes the bulk of his time, he also writes for several publications and is the author of “CISSP® Exam Cram 2” and creator of the Assessing IT Infrastructure Vulnerabilities training class. Mr. Gregg holds two associate’s degrees, a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree.

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