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Information Security Online Program Faculty

George Mays, CISSP®

George Mays, CISSP®

President of G.W. Mays & Associates, Inc., Mr. Mays has more than 35 years of experience in computing, data communications and networking. He has consulted with academic researchers, faculty members, students and administrators. He also supervised university computer labs and staff, and managed systems programming, data communications and portions of computer operations. Mr. Mays also served as database administrator for two Fortune 500 companies, a data communications equipment manufacturer and a computer manufacturer. He spent 10 years directing the engineering and system development efforts for the largest electronic document conversion firm in America. Since 1999, he has consulted and taught a variety of security and networking classes nationwide. His certifications include CISSP®, Security+, CCNA®, A+®, Network+®, I-Net+ and MSCE.

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