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Contract Management Online Program Faculty

Dr. William Moffitt, Ph.D., MA, BS

Dr. William Moffitt, Ph.D., MA, BS

Dr. William Moffitt presently works for CACI, Inc., of Arlington, VA. as a trainer, software tester and on-site consultant for federal contracting. Dr. Moffitt taught SPS PD2 software to all 4 branches of the federal government's contracting offices for 1 year. Dr. Moffitt has over 12 years of federal DOD contracting. Most of his federal contracting experience was with the US Air Force. His experience and hands-on contracting has helped him achieve an overall knowledge of federal contracting procedures. Dr. Moffitt has a Doctorate degree in Adult Education, an MA in Procurement Management and a BS in Post-Secondary Education. He has been a member of NCMA since 1996.

Subject Matter Expert in:

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