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Essentials of ROI Methodology

Learn the Basics for Proving Program Effectiveness!

Essentials of ROI Methodology

Exclusively available online from Villanova University, this eight-week session will teach you how to measure ROI using the exclusive Phillips ROI Methodology. This introductory session is designed for professionals who need to maximize corporate resources by understanding the return on every dollar spent. Using this methodology will contribute to the financial well-being of the entire organization by ensuring that time and money are invested in ways that benefit the business.

The Phillips ROI Methodologyis more than a mathematical calculation; it is a true measure of program success that identifies monetary benefits and intangible benefits. Successfully implementing the ROI Methodology will have a profound effect on your organization and how you are perceived by senior management.

Essentials of ROI Methodology

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What You'll Learn

Why ROI?

  • Activity-based vs. results-based evaluation
  • Emerging views of human capital
  • Setting investment levels
  • Measurements categories in the ROI Methodology
  • What ROI reporting entails

Overview of ROI Methodology

  • Key elements of ROI
  • Evaluation objectives and planning
  • Major phases that constitute the ROI Methodology
  • Converting data to monetary value
  • Identifying intangibles

Initial Analysis and Planning

  • Steps to begin an ROI study
  • Linking needs assessment with evaluation
  • Developing objectives
  • Effective evaluation planning meetings
  • Completing the data collection plan and ROI analysis plan

Case Study

  • Data collection
  • ROI Analysis
  • How to make evaluation work
  • The business case for Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Credit and Tuition

Ace credit recommendation 3 semester hours. Register today and earn 50 PDUs, 5.0 CEUs for $2,095.

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