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Master Certificate in ROI Methodology

Earn Prestigious ROI Certification Online!

Master Certificate in ROI Methodology

Without proper measurement and evaluation, you'll never be able to prove the effectiveness of your HR and training programs. Fortunately, Villanova University can teach you how to demonstrate monetary benefits and justify business decisions by using the Phillips ROI Methodology (from the ROI Institute), a step-by-step system that measures the ROI in programs, processes and initiatives.

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Through a proven combination of planning, data collection, data analysis and reporting, you'll learn the secrets of justifying human capital and other resources in your budgets. Numerous organizations have used the Phillips ROI Methodology to measure the effectiveness of their programs, often paving the way for significant growth. Progressive Insurance, for example quadrupled its training budget in four years!

Earn your ROI Master Certificate and industry certification from the ROI Institute as a certified ROI Professional (CRP). It's your career guarantee - tangible proof that you've mastered your profession. It also provides membership in the ROI Institute for life. The membership gives you access to the members only pages of the ROI Institute which offers articles, tools, white papers and other resources to assist you in the implementation of the ROI process. You will also be able to network with the other members.

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Master Certificate in ROI Methodology

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This program is ideal for HR Managers, training professionals, technology teams, organizational development personnel or anyone who must justify business decisions and demonstrate monetary benefits of programs, processes and initiatives.

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