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Maximizing Team Effectiveness

Learn Soft Skills That Drive Solid Results!

Maximizing Team Effectiveness

Experienced project managers consistently report that interpersonal abilities or soft skills are essential when managing projects and people. Traditionally, more emphasis is placed on the skills associated with the business or technical side of project management, but it's often more difficult to master the people skills.

Maximizing Team Effectiveness teaches you how to assess and manage yourself first. In subsequent modules, you'll learn about managing others in one-on-one settings, managing your team, and managing your stakeholders. You'll also learn to use practical and flexible tools and techniques that will improve your people skills and make you a more effective project manager or team member.

Military Clock Hours: 112.8

Maximizing Team Effectiveness

This course is part of a 3-COURSE Certificate Program


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What You’ll Study

Me, Myself and I

  • Your Leadership Type
  • Behavioral Strengths and Motivators
  • Managing Personal Growth, Time & Accountability
  • Four Keys to Resiliency:- Positive Attitude- Looking to the Future- Mental Agility- Creating Order Out of Chaos

Just You and Me

  • One-On-One Relationships
  • Influencing Customers
  • Adapting to Customer Needs and Remaining You
  • Effective and Ineffective Written and Spoken Communication
  • Collaboration or Competition
  • Types and Causes of Conflict - Confront or Mediate

One for All and All for One

  • Relationship With Project Team
  • Managing Team Conflict
  • Improving Team Productivity
  • Giving Effective Feedback
  • Listening Better and Facilitating Team Discussions
  • Distinguishing Between Collaboration and Competition
  • Planning and Problem-Solving Using Collaboration

Looking Outside

  • Relationships With Your Stakeholders
  • Managing Stakeholders' Perceptions
  • The Art of Negotiation - Techniques to Achieve Win-Win Solutions
  • Changing Models - Moving Through the Change Process

Credit & Tuition

ACE credit recommendation 3 semester hours. Register today and earn 45 PDUs, 4.5 CEUs for $2,095.

Who Should Register?

Maximizing Team Effectiveness is the perfect complement to your professional education and certification in project management. Enroll if you are an aspiring project manager, an experienced professional or a project team member looking to hone your soft skills.

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