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Essentials of IS Security Curriculum

Module 1 – Introduction to Security and Security Investigation Phase

  • History of Security
  • System Development Life Cycle
  • Security in the Organization
  • The Need for Security
  • Threats
  • Current Issues in IS Security, Part 1
  • Attacks
  • Law and Ethics in Information Systems
  • Ethics
  • How Attackers Use Hardware/Software to Sniff Traffic
  • Security at the Network Level

Module 2 – Security Analysis

  • Risk Management
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Control Strategies and Risk Mitigation Selection
  • Risk Categories of Control
  • Other Risk Management Discussion Points
  • Risk Assessment in Real Life
  • Current Issues in IS Security, Part 2
  • Current Deployment of Crypto Tools

Module 3 – Logical Physical Security Design

  • Information Security Policy, Standards, and Procedures
  • System Design, Security Blueprint, and Security Models
  • Security Education, Training, and Awareness
  • Continuing Strategy and Planning
  • Incident Response, Reaction, and Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Cryptography and Encryption, Part 1
  • Cryptography and Encryption, Part 2
  • Physical Security, Part 1
  • Physical Security, Part 2
  • Wireless Insecurity
  • Current Issues in IS Security, Part 3
  • Anti-Virus and SPAM

Module 4 – Implementation and Maintenance of Security

  • Project Management Phase
  • Technical Topics of Implementation
  • The Security Function Within an Organization’s Structure
  • Security Considerations Within as Organization
  • Information Security Maintenance, Part 1
  • Information Security Maintenance, Part 2
  • Information Security Maintenance, Part 3
  • Identity Management Systems
  • Different Certifications

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