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Business and Legal Aspects of Professional Sports

Be Prepared for the Challenges of Many Sports Industry Issues

Business and Legal Aspects of Professional Sports

What knowledge areas and key topics do industry leaders need to know?  Simply, earning a Business and Legal Aspects of Professional Sports certificate is the ideal way to start.

Through faculty-led video content and interviews with key industry players, this 100% online eight-week course gives you an insider’s view of some of the hottest topics in sports today. You’ll begin with a primer on the structure of the major sports leagues and the role of their respective commissioners. Then you’ll examine the impact concussions, athlete safety, and other issues have on the sports industry, as well as review the roles and responsibilities of sports agents.  What becomes evident is how transferrable these issues are to any sport in the industry; all from the perspective of industry experts who have seen it and experienced it from several different viewpoints.

Business and Legal Aspects of Professional Sports

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This is the first course leading to a Certificate in Business and Law of Sports from the prestigious Jeffrey S. Moorad Center for the Study of Sports Law, Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law. This is your chance to set yourself apart from others with a credential that expands your expertise in a broad range of current issues across the sports profession.

Who Should Register?

This course is ideal for any sports industry professional, or industry newcomer looking to gain the inside track to be able to address prevalent topics within sports law and bolster their credentials for advancement within the sports industry. It will help you gain an understanding of the similarities and differences in operational structure involved in many different levels of organized sports, as well as some of the legal matters you must tackle from a complex industry.

What You’ll Study

League Structures

  • League Structures of Four Primary Sports Leagues
  • Single Entity Structure

The Role of the Commissioner

  • The Authority and Power of the Commissioner
  • Commissioner Actions – Primary Sports Leagues

Labor Law

  • Labor Law
  • Brady v. NFL®
  • CBA Creating Parity
  • CBA – Luxury Taxes & Revenue Sharing
  • NFLRA Lockout

Contract Law and Baseball Antitrust Exemption

  • Antitrust and Baseball
  • Baseball Reserve Clause
  • Messer McNally Collusion


  • Interview with Concussion Symposium Panelists
  • Interview with Sol Weiss
  • NFL® Concussion Settlement
  • NCAA® Concussion Analysis

Sports Agents

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Interview with Joel Segal
  • Interview with Michael Siegel
  • Interview with Jerrold Colton

Credit & Tuition

Register today and earn 45 PDUs, 4.5 CEUs for $1,980.

Learn How To

  • Identify the structures of various sports leagues
  • Discern the roles of commissioners, agents and labor unions
  • Interpret major labor laws and legal cases
  • Analyze the significance of issues such as concussions

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