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Module 1 – High School Athletics

  • Structure and Government
  • Judicial Regulation
  • Eligibility Issues: Transfers and Outside Competition
  • Eligibility Issues:  Age and Academics
  • Eligibility Issues:  Home-Schooling, Conduct, and Appearence
  • Fourth Amendment Issues:  Drug Testing
  • First Amendment Issues:  Speech and Religion

Module 2 – NCAA Intercollegiate Athletics

  • NCAA and Intercollegiate Athletics Background
  • Contracts with Student Athletes
  • Reform and Regulation
  • Property, Liberty, and Speech Interests
  • Workers' Compensation
  • First Amendment Issues
  • NCAA Authority:  Constitutional Issues
  • NCAA:  Enforcement

Module 3 – Amateur Sports LAw

  • Olympic Regulation
  • Coach's Contracts
  • Coach's Compensation Issues
  • Negotiating a Coach's Contract
  • Racial Equity Issues
  • Gender Equity Issues

Module 4 – Olympics and International Sports Law

  • Introduction to the International Olympic Committee 
  • International Federations of Sport
  • Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act
  • United States Olympic Committee
  • National Governing Bodies - Overview
  • National Governing Bodies - USOC Bylaws, Sections 10 and 11
  • National Governing Bodies - USOC Bylaws, Section 9
  • National Governing Bodies - Civil Disputes

Module 5 - Professional Sports Law Issues

  • Tort Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Sports Medicine and Injury Compensation
  • Essential Immigration Compliance of the Foreign National Athlete
  • Antitrust Law and Professional Sports
  • Agency Law and Professional Sports
  • Labor Law and Professonal Sports
  • Employment/Discrimination Issues in the Sports Industry
  • To Tax or Not to Tax?
  • State Income Taxes and Professional Athetes in the U.S.
  • Analyzing the Tax Consequences of the NFL Concussion Settlement
  • Endorsement Income for the International Athletes in Professional Sports

Module 6 - Current Issues in Sports Law, Part 1

  • Title IX: Historical Analysis and Recent Cases
  • Northwestern Athlete Unionization
  • Jenkins, et al. vs. NCAA
  • NCAA Student-Athlete Name and Likeness Licensing Litigaiton
  • New Jersey Sports Betting Act

Module 7 - Current Issues in Sports Law, Part 2

  • CBA Grievances and Arbitration Procedures
  • Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito Saga
  • Alex Rodriquez vs MLB
  • Dent et al. vs. NFL
  • Donald Sterling Discipline
  • NCAA® Concussion Analysis
  • NHL Concussion Lawsuit

Module 8 - Agent Business 

  • The Agent Business
  • Negotiations

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