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Advanced Topics in Sports Business and Management

Master the Complexities of Compliance, Contract Types and Player Safety

Advanced Topics in Sports Business and Management

Advanced Topics in Sports Business and Management goes into greater depth on some of the sports law issues covered in the Business and Legal Aspects of Professional Sports and Mastering Representation and Regulation courses. Here you’ll learn about collegiate compliance, issues such as Title IX, International Sports, and tax regulation.  You will also fine-tune your comprehension of concussions, drug use and illegal betting, through a series of real-world cases, and all from top industry experts!

Advanced Topics in Sports Business and Management

This course is part of a Master Certificate Program


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This 100% online 8-week program introduces additional key industry topics, while getting more in-depth on previously discussed issues. Complete all three certificate courses to earn your Master Certificate in Business and Law of Sports – a great way to distinguish yourself within your organization or when seeking bigger and better professional opportunities! 

Who Should Register?

This course is designed for professionals in all levels of the sports industry who are interested in understanding the impact of player safety and betting in organized sports, as well as those looking to grasp key industry topics, or gain a firm understanding of the complexities and ramifications of compliance-related issues within collegiate sports.

NCAA® Compliance and Investigations

  • Penn State
  • Miami
  • Regulation
  • O’Bannon Case

Player Health/Injuries

  • Concussions
    • NHL®
    • NCAA®
  • Sports Medicine Injury


  • Coaching Contracts
  • Broadcasting Contracts


  • A-Rod grievance
  • CBA grievance/arbitration

Sports Gambling/Betting

  • NJ Sports Gambling Act

Key Issues

  • Racial and Gender Equity
  • Torts & Crimes
  • Tax Issues in Sports
  • Bullying
    • Incognito/Martin

International Sports Regulation

  • Olympics


Credit & Tuition

Register today and earn 45 PDUs, 4.5 CEUs for $1,980.

Learn How To

  • Identify the key elements of different types of contracts
  • Address impacts of athlete safety
  • React to key issues such as crime and athlete grievances
  • Respond to amateur sports compliance

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