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Certificate in Business Process Management

Increase Your Organization’s Efficiency and Performance – 100% Online

Certificate in Business Process Management

Villanova University’s business process management program reveals a strategy to prioritize core business processes that will have the greatest impact on an organization's key business objectives. This 100% online Certificate in Business Process Management is a dynamic new member of the Villanova online educational programs. This program tightly aligns with Villanova’s existing Six Sigma, project management, and business analysis concepts making it a vital new member of the Villanova process improvement family. By completing the three-course track, project and final exam, you will also become a Certified Professional in Business Process Management (CPBPM).

Military clock hours: 383.6

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Enhance your expertise with business process management (BPM) strategies and techniques to reduce cost and increase your organization’s response time to demand. Whether you are implementing process improvements or you are planning to lead your enterprise’s way of doing business, Villanova University’s Certificate in Business Process Management gives you the strategies you need to succeed. This comprehensive BPM certificate program provides you with proven process methodologies to align your company’s processes and leverage critical technology to quickly simulate and model solutions to drive business improvement efforts.

Each Villanova University 100% online business process management training course is led by renowned BPM experts and thought leaders. Utilizing the latest in video-based learning platform, ‘live’ virtual class technology and faculty-led discussion boards to ensure the optimal learning experience, you will be able to master the latest BPM body of knowledge and critical process techniques needed for success.

Master the Latest BPM Skills

Developing a deep understanding of process metrics and methodologies is a critical focus of this program. This three-course track will focus on essential process concepts such as: business and technology drivers of BPM, how to identify process opportunities, developing strategic business cases for improvement, becoming a Process Based Organization (PBO), using process governance and Centers of Excellence (COE), leveraging Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), process leadership, project management planning strategies, Lean Six Sigma techniques for data analytics, and proper business architecture alignment.

Who Should Register?

The Certificate in Business Process Management and CPBPM certification is open to professionals interested in expanding their knowledge of process improvement techniques, namely, managers with responsibility for business improvement, organization members actively on process teams, consultants, and process change agents from many diverse job functions. This dynamic program is a perfect fit for IT professionals, quality control specialists, procurement/acquisition managers, business-line managers, and anyone else striving to impact process change.

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