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Essentials of Business Process Management

Take the First Step to Advanced Credentials and Business Process Management Skill Mastery

Essentials of Business Process Management

Whether you’re already an upper-level manager or looking to move up in your organization, you can strengthen your skills with this critical first BPM course—Essentials of Business Process Management. During this 100% online certificate training course, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the benefits of BPM throughout any organization. This course is the first course leading toward earning a certificate and CPBPM (Certified Professional in Business Process Management) certification, and will allow you to leverage critical concepts to manage process success.

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Essentials of Business Process Management

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This eight-week business process management training course focuses on the overall benefits of BPM within an enterprise, and the key business and technology drivers needed for overall proper alignment with essential business objectives. You will find out what qualities successful process organizations possess, and how to create winning BPM business cases. You’ll also leverage fundamental project planning and Lean Six Sigma tools that will drive effective BPM projects and process management. Plus, you will learn critical BPM best practices and change management skills to become a process leader within your organization.

What You’ll Learn

Basic Concepts

  • BPM Defined and Goals
  • History of BPM
  • Business Process Concepts and Organization
  • Business Processes and Flow Charts
  • Project Management Overview
  • LSS Overview
  • Linkage of BPM, Project Management, Lean Six Sigma

Why Do BPM?

  • Benefits of BPM
  • Time, Quality and Cost Expectations
  • Business Drivers of BPM
  • Technology Drivers of BPM
  • Streamlining and Optimization
  • Qualities of Successful Process Organizations
  • People, Process and Technology Focus
  • Process as "Springboard"

Understanding Analysis

  • Levels of Analysis – Enterprise, Process, Tasks
  • Identifying BPM Opportunities
  • Requirements, Definition and Analysis
  • Central Role of Data and Collection Methods
  • Developing a BPM Business Case
  • Project Planning, Stakeholders and Communications

Overview of 6 Phases

  • BPM Methodology Overview
  • Assessment Phase
  • Design Phase
  • Modeling Phase
  • Implementation Phase
  • Monitor Phase
  • Modify Phase
  • Pitfalls of BPM Projects

Mapping and Metrics

  • Input/Output Documents
  • Process Flow Charts
  • Enterprise Process Map
  • Process Evaluation Charts
  • Process Metrics - Overview
  • Process Metrics - Manage the Business
  • Process Metrics - SLA and SLI

Organization and Roles

  • Process Mapping
  • Process Mapping Guidelines
  • Evolution of Advanced Process Mapping (BPMN)
  • Who Does BPM?
  • Key BPM Project Skills and Roles
  • Process Owners, Advocates and Champions
  • Challenges with Functional Organizations

Governance and Strategy

  • Organization Structures and BPM
  • Process-Based Organization (PBO)
  • BPM and Business Architecture
  • BPM, BA and EA
  • Process Governance and Centers of Excellence
  • Customers and External Inputs to BPM
  • Extended Processes - Value Chain
  • Extended Processes - BPO
  • Case Study Debrief - BPM Basics

Trends and Direction

  • Process Automation
  • Technology in BPM
  • Role of BPMS
  • Roadmap for Process Adoption
  • BPM Roadblocks
  • BPM Best Practices
  • Change Management for Successful BPM
  • Course Summary

Credit & Tuition

Register today and earn 45 PDUs, 4.5 CEUs for $2,095.

Who Should Register?

Essentials of Business Process Management is ideal for professionals seeking to expand their operational knowledge while focusing on targeted improvements. This eight-week BPM training course is also beneficial to improvement team members, performance professionals, consultants and individuals seeking alternative career paths. This dynamic online course is designed to bring beginners up to speed on key concepts, while helping seasoned professionals expand their business process management expertise.

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