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Success Stories

Certificate Programs

“Like many professionals, my career has exposed me to several areas of project management, but I also wanted formal training that puts all the pieces together. After recently receiving my PMP, I wanted to build on what I had learned and found Villanova University's Essentials of Project Management Online Program. Essentials breaks down project management into easy-to-understand units, covering not only the terms and processes but also how they are applied in real projects. I also liked the fact that the program is online and self-paced, so I could participate when it was convenient for me. This course delivered the goods on project management with the quality I was expecting from the Villanova name. My only regret is not finding it prior to my PMP exam -- it would have made passing a lot easier.”

Greg Waters, PMP, Program Manager, E-Business Group, Verizon
Dallas, TX

“I attended Villanova's Basics of Project Management, Mastering Project Management, Project Management Professional Certification Preparation, and the Advanced Strategic Project Management courses in 2004 and 2005 before earning my Project Management Professional certification in July 2005. I really appreciated the educational rigor, the professionalism of the staff, and the tremendous convenience of taking these courses online through Villanova. I have a very busy schedule that includes substantial travel both domestically and internationally. I was able to participate in the live online class sessions from many places around the globe. For me, convenience was key and Villanova offered a learning experience and environment that fit right into my business and professional needs.”

Jerry Reavey, PMP
The Boeing Company

“I just wanted to say thanks for a great experience. Not only did I learn a lot but I started a new job last week courtesy of this program. I am the new production planner and quality trainer for Service Wire Co. My boss told me that the Villanova program is really what put me above the other candidates!”

Darrell Ashworth
Service Wire Co.

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for making the 'Essentials of Project Management' course so informative and easy to understand. I graduated from the University of Maryland 30 years ago, and I was a little concerned that I might have some trouble returning to school. I must also tell you that I had forgotten how much I had 'forgotten.' I put your course to use immediately and received immediate results in organizing projects from the meeting phase right through project completion. Actually, I am so excited that I have already enrolled in the next course. Thanks for your help and encouragement. Your group has seriously made learning as simple as anyone could expect.”

John Klossner, ISP Specialist, Verizon Advanced Services Group
New York, NY

“I have enjoyed this [Six Sigma Green Belt] experience in learning and education more than any I have ever had. For advanced learning, this is far and away the best I have ever experienced. This should be the wave of the future for all post BS/BA education. I have really enjoyed this learning experience.”

Stephen Hans
Kennewick, WA

“I have enjoyed this [Six Sigma Green Belt] course very much. I chose Villanova because of the accreditation and outstanding reputation it has in the Six Sigma community. I have no doubt that when it comes to a job interview, the name Villanova will make the difference in who is selected. Thanks again! ”

Tim Miller
Scottsville, KY

“One of my career goals is to move into project management. I had been looking for opportunities to continue my education for personal growth and job advancement when I found the Learning Together Program and enrolled in Villanova University's on-line program. The experience has been great, and the program has been easy to follow. I have told many of my coworkers about the program and encouraged them to consider it. The program is excellent; I have really enjoyed it.”

Mayela Arends, Embedded Software Engineer, Shuttle Program
The Boeing Company

“I have been studying organizational management and organizational leadership philosophies for professional and personal growth during the past three years. What I like about Villanova's online curriculum in Leadership is that it offers an assessment of your knowledge on the subject first, and then tests you on what you've learned from each module in the course. They set you up with a study guide and reading materials for home study. Since the courses are online, it's much easier to comprehend and retain what you learn. The curriculum also offers direct contact with faculty and other students via a chat room. It's amazing what you can learn from others. The course has definitely enriched my knowledge on Leadership.”

Chris Maczuga
The Boeing Company

“I'm VERY impressed with my first online educational experience. I found it very convenient and complementary to my work schedule. Thank you to everyone! I'm looking forward to the Black Belt and Lean Six Sigma courses I've also purchased.”

Nick Carano
Columbus, OH

“I found the combination of the streaming video and workbook to be just what I needed to maintain focus. The lectures were easy to understand and the presentation well done by the teaching staff. Being able to work on the assignments anytime, night or day, allowed me maximum flexibility with my schedule. This was my first online course, and it was such a satisfying experience, I will be doing more.”

William J. Conrad, Procurement and Contracting
The Boeing Company, Everett, WA

Just a quick to note to express my extreme satisfaction with your project management curriculum. Your PM program is I've seen anywhere! I've learned many new tools and techniques from the Mastering and Advanced Strategic PM courses, and am anxious to begin using them. Thank you for developing a very well-done program. I will recommend [the program] to my PM associates.

Jeff Carter, PMP, MSPM
Principal Project Manager, Rockwell Collins - ETI

“I enjoyed this class [Six Sigma Green Belt]. I especially liked the interaction in the live chat room as well as watching the videos online. The tests were true to what was being taught and I’m now looking forward to earning my Six Sigma Black Belt with Villanova University Online.

Todd Kwiatkowski
Oneida, NY

“I am very impressed by the quality of Villanova University’s Essentials of Project Management Online course. I was also pleasantly surprised by the format of the course. The weekly chat sessions were excellent and not only allowed excellent “live” discussions but also allowed me to get to know others in my class. I found the instructors to be highly professional and extremely helpful. I recommend Essentials of Project Management to anyone interested in honing their project management skills and to anyone intent on working toward PMP certification. I look forward to taking the next online project management course from Villanova University.”

Peter Milthorp, PhD
Easton, PA

"The course was great... I have already implemented some of the learned items to my existing project. Also, I have lessons learned for enhancement for my company's structure and a better insight into improvements that will help the overall company environment. The information I have learned will help me in all my future projects, and the course delivery was right on. I am looking forward to the next class, and I am interested to see how this influences my future views on how project dynamics can make a difference for me and my projects. My company has taken an interest in the new-found knowledge I have acquired and looks forward to me bringing that to the table. Thanks so much. This is actually a life-changing experience for me. I am very good at what I do, and now I will be even better. I would hope that my company sees the value in this course and makes it a requirement for all future Project Managers. This course gives me what I need to move into a Senior Project Management position. I can at least offer my knowledge down to the PMs under me and influence all projects from here on out. Thanks."

Tom Damazio
Delta Engineering Corporation, TX

"Hello. I did enjoy the course immensely; it was very challenging and extremely informative. I found that as I moved from Administrative Assistant for the hospital to my new role as HR Director, I needed to 'boot-up' as much information as I could, in as quick a time period as I could. After contacting a number of online educational groups, I found that Villanova had the most to offer. I can't say enough good things about how immediately responsive they were in keeping me informed and answering my questions. That is probably the most important reason I decided on Villanova – I wanted immediate answers to my questions, and they delivered. The instructor was just as responsive, and I could always email her with thoughts and questions. If [a potential student] is interested in the HR field, this course gives not only the information but also terrific resources that I depend on now to assist me on a daily basis. If [a student] is not interested in moving to HR but wants to expand [their] knowledge in Management, [they] can't go wrong with this course. Office Managers deal with the same issues of personnel, the law, hiring, firing, etc. I think the course was terrific, and I'm amazed at how much I enjoyed the virtual classroom. Thanks again for a quality program."

Norma Atwood
Riverton, WY


Graduate Degrees

As a student in Villanova University’s degree programs, you’ll receive the same quality education as your campus-based counterparts and learn from the same accomplished professors. Discover what some of Villanova’s master’s degree graduates have to say about the program:

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

"Villanova's MPA program provides students with the real tools needed in government today: policy analysis, financial management and ethics to name a few. The professors are well versed in their field, committed to their students and public service. The class schedule is flexible, allowing me to work full time and attend class. I firmly believe that the concepts and skills learned in the MPA program enhance my everyday performance as well as my resume."

Christina Graff-Eckenroth
Workforce Development Specialist, Employment and Training Administration

"Villanova's MPA program is top notch! Not only does a student learn the foundations of the field of Public Administration, but he or she also learns how to link those theories pragmatically to one's working environment. This program caters to all students from the college graduate to the working professional. The faculty is top rate and extremely helpful in guiding you on your career path. Overall, the program is spectacular and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in reaching his or her career goals!"

Amanda Ostrander-Serock
Assistant Borough Manager-Borough of Swarthmore

"Villanova's MPA program provides everything a graduate student could want - excellent faculty, a strong sense of community, preparation for the future, and a sincere investment in its students. Beyond my degree, I developed lifelong friendships with both my fellow students and the dynamic faculty. I encourage any potential graduate student to seriously consider attending Villanova's MPA program. As a proud alumni, I look forward to representing Villanova throughout my career."

Aaron Bibro
Township Manager, Hatfield Township

"My experience in the MPA program at Villanova has been invaluable. The mix of experienced academics and practitioners is the perfect balance for learning public administration theories and best practices. As a working professional, I found it helped develop my skills and gave me the necessary tools to pursue my career goals. It also facilitated the establishment of strong networks with my peers. I commend the faculty of the MPA program for giving me such a positive experience!"

Rick Mellor
Township Manager, Whitemarsh Township


Master of Science in Human Resource Development

"After thoroughly researching HR Development programs offered via distance, I chose Villanova University. The academically rigorous program exceeded my expectations, and the live virtual class feature created an interactive learning experience that rivals the traditional classroom. Engaging, thoughtful instruction was the norm; my relationship with instructors and classmates continues post-graduation."

Ronald Bordelon, M.S.
Managing Partner, DPM Properties, LLC

"Villanova’s graduate program in Human Resource Development was, without question, one of the most important and pivotal career decisions I’ve made. Everyone knows that competition for great HR jobs in great companies is tough. By providing me with a practical, business-rounded education, Villanova positioned me to consistently succeed in my career. … After over 20 years in the field of HR, I still reflect back on the lessons learned from Villanova’s graduate program in Human Resource Development. It is clearly a return on investment – in yourself – that continues to pay dividends over the years!"

Virginia A. Clark, Global Head, Learning and Talent Management

"The VU HRD program was a significant ‘game changer’ for me, with an ideal blend of theory and business case studies. The exposure to practicing business leaders as faculty was powerful and helped me prepare well for real workplace challenges. The breadth of the classes covered in this program has enabled me to bridge the link between business strategy, leading change and operations – with analytical depth and people at the core! The entire experience is memorable and has helped me establish and build relationships that continue to help me grow – both personally and professionally. With increasing global competitiveness, building and evolving organizational capability will offer the edge we require to grow sustainably, and this program provides an ideal learning platform for aspiring leaders to significantly enhance their leadership skills."

Govi V. Rau, Chairman and CEO
Lighting Science Group Corporation

"Attending Villanova for my master’s degree (in HRD) was one of the best professional decisions I ever made. I found the program rigorous and rewarding. The faculty offered current and comprehensive industry knowledge. The core curriculum was grounded in the business of human resources … The course designs complemented the subject matter, and there was an appropriate balance of individual and group projects. The support of both faculty and students contributed to my success in the program. I highly recommend Villanova’s (HRD) program."

Mary Gill
Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins

Undergraduate Programs

As a student in Villanova University's undergraduate degree programs, you'll receive the same high-quality education as your campus-based counterparts and learn from the same accomplished professors. Here's what some of Villanova's undergraduate degree students have to say about the program:


"Villanova’s program was the perfect fit for me and I’m just so happy I was able to connect with you and make it happen. I tell everyone how great my experience was and also about the tremendous amount of support offered by Villanova’s faculty and staff. Hands down—best decision ever!"

Julie Clark

 "I have been pushed and challenged by the nursing program at Villanova and I can one hundred percent say that I feel prepared for my future as a nurse and know that one day my goal of continuing my education to be a nurse practitioner will come true."

Taylor Olafson

"Once I had decided on nursing as my major, I knew that I wanted to be a part of a program that was truly excellent, with professors and fellow students who would challenge and support me. The College of Nursing is nothing short of phenomenal, combining a top-ranked program with amazing faculty and students."

Aurora Vandewark

"I am always impressed with the high caliber of pride and remarkable quality of teaching that the RN to BSN faculty offers."

Heather Yin