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Success Stories

As a student in Villanova University’s degree programs, you’ll receive the same quality education as your campus-based counterparts and learn from the same accomplished professors. Discover what some of Villanova’s master’s degree graduates have to say about the program:

Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Master of Science in Human Resource Development

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

“Villanova's MPA program provides students with the real tools needed in government today: policy analysis, financial management and ethics to name a few. The professors are well versed in their field, committed to their students and public service. The class schedule is flexible, allowing me to work full time and attend class. I firmly believe that the concepts and skills learned in the MPA program enhance my everyday performance as well as my resume.”

Christina M. Graff
Management/Program Analyst, United States Department of Labor


"Villanova's MPA program is top notch! Not only does a student learn the foundations of the field of Public Administration, but he or she also learns how to link those theories pragmatically to one's working environment. This program caters to all students from the college graduate to the working professional. The faculty is top rate and extremely helpful in guiding you on your career path. Overall, the program is spectacular and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in reaching his or her career goals!"

Amanda Ostrander-Serock
Assistant Borough Manager, Swarthmore Borough


“Earning my master's degree in public administration at Villanova University was a wonderful experience. The caring and professional faculty prepared me well for a future career of service. Interacting with quality students from diverse backgrounds challenged me and made the program even more rewarding."

Matthew J. McKenzie
Manager, Field Service for Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation


"Villanova's MPA program provides everything a graduate student could want - excellent faculty, a strong sense of community, preparation for the future, and a sincere investment in its students. Beyond my degree, I developed lifelong friendships with both my fellow students and the dynamic faculty. I encourage any potential graduate student to seriously consider attending Villanova's MPA program. As a proud alumni, I look forward to representing Villanova throughout my career."

Aaron Bibro
Township Manager, Robinson Township


"My experience in the MPA program at Villanova has been invaluable. The mix of experienced academics and practitioners is the perfect balance for learning public administration theories and best practices. As a working professional, I found it helped develop my skills and gave me the necessary tools to pursue my career goals. It also facilitated the establishment of strong networks with my peers. I commend the faculty of the MPA program for giving me such a positive experience!"

Rick Mellor
Township Manager, Lower Moreland Township



Master of Science in Human Resource Development

“After thoroughly researching HR Development programs offered via distance, I chose Villanova University. The academically rigorous program exceeded my expectations, and the live virtual class feature created an interactive learning experience that rivals the traditional classroom. Engaging, thoughtful instruction was the norm; my relationship with instructors and classmates continues post-graduation.”

Ronald Bordelon, M.S.
Managing Partner, DPM Properties, LLC


“Villanova’s graduate program in Human Resource Development was, without question, one of the most important and pivotal career decisions I’ve made. Everyone knows that competition for great HR jobs in great companies is tough. By providing me with a practical, business-rounded education, Villanova positioned me to consistently succeed in my career. … After over 20 years in the field of HR, I still reflect back on the lessons learned from Villanova’s graduate program in Human Resource Development. It is clearly a return on investment – in yourself – that continues to pay dividends over the years!”

Virginia A. Clark, Global Head, Learning and Talent Management


“The VU HRD program was a significant ‘game changer’ for me, with an ideal blend of theory and business case studies. The exposure to practicing business leaders as faculty was powerful and helped me prepare well for real workplace challenges. The breadth of the classes covered in this program has enabled me to bridge the link between business strategy, leading change and operations – with analytical depth and people at the core! The entire experience is memorable and has helped me establish and build relationships that continue to help me grow – both personally and professionally. With increasing global competitiveness, building and evolving organizational capability will offer the edge we require to grow sustainably, and this program provides an ideal learning platform for aspiring leaders to significantly enhance their leadership skills.”

Govi V. Rau, Chairman and CEO
Lighting Science Group Corporation


“Attending Villanova for my master’s degree (in HRD) was one of the best professional decisions I ever made. I found the program rigorous and rewarding. The faculty offered current and comprehensive industry knowledge. The core curriculum was grounded in the business of human resources … The course designs complemented the subject matter, and there was an appropriate balance of individual and group projects. The support of both faculty and students contributed to my success in the program. I highly recommend Villanova’s (HRD) program.”

Mary Gill
Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins