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Computer and Information Systems Managers Job Outlook

By University Alliance
Computer and Information Systems Managers Job Outlook

If you explore the potential for employment in the field of information technology, you'll find that computer and information systems managers are enjoying abundant opportunities. A review of major job search sites reveals thousands of job openings nationwide, while the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects continued growth over the next decade.

Computers and Information Systems Managers Are in High Demand

In a world that is increasingly reliant on computer technology, more and more industries are utilizing information systems, which require qualified computer and information systems managers to manage them. Organizations need specialists who are proficient in the latest IT solutions, and there is a demand for talented, educated professionals who understand how to implement and maintain complex systems.

As existing companies grow and new startups emerge, more jobs for computer and information systems managers are created. Likewise, emerging threats to network security fuel demand for trained professionals to combat them. Many companies place a premium on highly skilled computer and information systems managers, which is reflected in correspondingly high salaries.

Substantial Growth Predicted for Available Positions

According to the BLS, approximately 348,500 information systems managers were employed nationwide in 2015. That number is projected to grow to 402,200 by 2024 - a 15% increase. The BLS notes that this represents faster than average growth compared to all industries.

Computer and Information Systems Manager Salary Potential

Computer and information systems managers earn a very competitive salary, with the BLS reporting median annual earnings of approximately $131,600 across all industries. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $80,160, and the top 10 percent earned more than $187,200.

These figures may be justified by the fact that information systems managers take on critical responsibilities. Security breaches can cost companies hundreds of thousands - or even millions - of dollars. The average cost of a security breach for a company can cost thousands or millions of dollars, so it's no wonder organizations are willing to invest substantial sums in information systems managers who are trained to prevent cyber attacks. Furthermore, the smooth, efficient and effective deployment of computer technology can help an organization achieve consistent and ongoing growth.

Computer and Information Systems Manager Training

Because of the technical nature of the work, most computer and information systems managers have at least a bachelor's degree in some type of IT discipline, and many hold advanced degrees. However, as technology continues to evolve and new security threats emerge, ongoing education and certification is critical in this field. Professionals can supplement their degrees with various industry certifications as well as certificate programs from accredited universities.

To meet the needs of computer and information systems professionals nationwide, Villanova University offers 100% online certificate courses and master certificate programs through an advanced video-based e-learning platform. Villanova features programs in two popular fields:

  • IS Security - Computer and information systems managers can choose from a Master Certificate in IS Security, Information Security Management or Information Security Management - Government. In addition to providing respected university credentials, these programs help professionals prepare for CompTIA Security+™, CISSP®, SSCP® and CAP® certification. The government track supports CNSS National Standard 4011 and leads to certifications that bring students in compliance with Department of Defense Directive 8570.1.
  • Software Testing - Software specialists can earn a Master Certificate in Software Testing. The curriculum includes Essentials of Software Testing and ISTQB® Software Testing Capstone, which prepares professionals for the Certified Tester, Foundation Level (CTFL) exam. One IT elective of the student's choice rounds out the master certificate program.

Bright Future for Computer and Information Systems Managers

In summary, the job outlook for information systems managers is very bright indeed. With the BLS predicting the addition of approximately 57,300 new jobs through 2024, computer and information systems managers have outstanding career prospects. Continuing education and certification is the key to success in these roles, ensuring computer and information systems managers are prepared to tackle whatever challenges and new developments come their way.

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